A standoff on Thursday, February 2, 2023, in Hood River, Oregon, between police and an armed suspect led to the arrest of 42-year-old Simeon Hill. Before the standoff, Hill’s father contacted the police around noon and informed officers of his son’s behavior. Hill’s father told them that Hill was a previous combat veteran and had access to multiple guns in the home. Hill’s father explained that his son had fired a gun in their home and reportedly barricaded himself in a shed on their property. Due to the seriousness of the situation, people were evacuated from their homes and businesses for their own safety. There was also a large number of children evacuated from the local school in the area. After hours of negotiations, Hill finally surrendered and was taken to a medical facility. While no one was seriously injured due to his actions, the danger caused many to feel uneasy and fear what could have happened.

What Injuries Can You Suffer After an Oregon Shooting?

Criminal behavior often causes innocent bystanders to suffer severe, life-threatening injuries. The type and severity of your injuries depend on whether the perpetrator used a weapon and the injury’s location. Consider the following injuries you may encounter:

When someone is involved in a criminal incident or shooting, the fear and pain you suffer may cause significant forms of PTSD and mental distress. Speak with your lawyer about how your physical and emotional injuries may be accounted for in an injury claim.

4 Steps to Take After Suffering Injuries From Criminal Behavior

After suffering from a crime caused by another individual, you may feel various emotions. While it may be challenging to navigate the situation, it’s essential to move fast and take the necessary steps to receive help. Follow the below steps to ensure your safety and receive compensation:

Get to a Safe Location

In order for you to take care of yourself, you need to first get out of harm’s way. If you are in a store, street, or any dangerous location that threatens your safety, you must leave as soon as possible. Once you are in a safe area, you’ll be able to move to the other steps.

Contact Emergency Medical Care

Contact emergency care if you or another person involved in the accident suffers injuries and needs immediate medical attention. Injuries caused by criminal activity can be life-threatening and often require extensive medical care.

Call 911

After you’ve evaluated the situation and confirmed that no one suffered any life-threatening injuries, contact your local law enforcement immediately. A police officer will come to assess the situation and handle the dangerous individual as fast as possible. If someone has already reached the police, they will inform you that officers are on their way to help.

Collect Evidence and Save Receipts

If you are safe and can take video or photographic evidence, the documentation may allow those not at the scene to understand the situation. After you receive medical attention and suffer other financial losses, the bills and documents that showcase your financial situation may also be vital information in your claim.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

While navigating a criminal activity injury claim is often complicated, a lawyer can help you understand your options and advocate for your rights. As soon as you are able, contact your lawyer to start holding the responsible party accountable for their actions. It’s hard to come to terms with suffering from a criminal incident because we often believe it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, shootings and other crimes occur throughout Oregon and can cause life-threatening harm.

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