Victims of car crashes or other types of accidents may suffer various damages, from medical bills and lost wages to physical pain and emotional suffering. Determining the value of economic damages like medical bills and lost wages is very straight forward. However, how do insurers and attorneys determine the value of your pain and suffering?

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Resources For Calculating Pain and Suffering in Oregon Personal Injury Claims

What Is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering refer to the physical pain and emotional distress sustained in an accident:

  • Physical injury to the body
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Embarrassment

Methods Insurers Use to Evaluate Pain and Suffering

Insurance companies may use a variety of methods to value your pain and suffering, including:

  • The multiplier method – The insurance adjuster multiplies your economic damages, like your lost wages and medical bills, by a variable, such as 1.5 or three.
  • Per diem method – This method provides a daily rate for pain and suffering damages and multiplies this rate by the number of days the victim was recovering.
  • Computerized software – Many insurance companies use software programs with specialized calculators to determine the value of a claim. They may consider factors such as the location of the accident, previous court awards, and previous settlement amounts.

What Can a Lawyer do to try to Maximize Your Compensation?

If you have a case and hire an experienced lawyer, he or she can take several steps to attempt to maximize the amount of compensation you receive for pain and suffering. This may include investigating the accident, gathering documentation that supports your claim and negotiating with the insurance company for fair compensation.

Your attorney can also prepare a demand package, which includes a written letter and supporting documentation that requests a certain amount of compensation for your injuries based on the details of your accident.

An experienced lawyer may emphasize certain things in your demand package:

  • The severity of your injuries – Your lawyer can document the injuries that you have sustained, summarize them and emphasize their severity. He or she can provide medical documentation that establishes these injuries and discuss the impact these injuries have had on your life.
  • Permanent or partial disability – If your injury caused you to become disabled or caused permanent disfigurement, your lawyer can emphasize this information to demonstrate the long-lasting impact the accident will have on your life.

Does Oregon Have Caps on Pain and Suffering?

As Rizk Law previously reported, Oregon lawmakers recently attempted to pass a bill that would cap non-economic damages at $500,000 per personal injury victim. Many states have passed similar laws. However, Oregon lawmakers were one vote shy of passing this bill.

Currently, there is not a cap on pain and suffering damages. However, lawmakers could revisit this bill in the future.

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