multi-vehicle car crash

There is a lot of to consider after a multi-vehicle car crash, and trying to determine which driver, or drivers, may be at fault for causing the accident can be overwhelming. How do you pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages? Should you get an attorney?

At Rizk Law, we have handled many types of car crash claims, including multi-vehicle collisions. Today, we discuss some of the difficulties we see in these types of cases, and how having an attorney on your side can help to protect your best interests if you pursue a claim.

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Multi-Vehicle Crashes Have Unique Challenges

Multi-vehicle collisions are complex when compared to crashes involving only two cars. Some of the unique challenges include:

Determining Liability

When there are three or more vehicles, it is much harder to determine liability than for smaller accidents. At the scene, police will investigate and gather evidence to try to determine how it happened and who may have contributed in some way. Often, examining the damage to each vehicle, as well as tire marks on the road and debris from the crash can shed some light and help investigators understand more about the incident.

In addition to examining vehicle damage and other physical aspects at the accident scene, police will also take photos and get statements from the drivers and any other witnesses who may have seen the crash.

Multiple Insurance Companies

Multiple-vehicle accidents means there will also be multiple insurance companies to deal with, which typically creates confusion and leads to more delays. How do you find out who caused the crash? What if you are assigned some liability? Can you still recover compensation for your damages? Will you need to file multiple claims?

The insurance companies will conduct their own investigations, which includes reviewing any available accident reports and other evidence to help them determine liability for the crash. Additionally, insurers will also have to determine the amount of liability to assign to each at-fault driver. However, keep in mind that the primary concern of insurers is their bottom line, so they will assign liability with the mindset of paying out as little money on a claim as possible.

In more complex accidents, such as multi-vehicle collisions, your attorney or the insurers may hire an accident reconstruction specialist to provide more insight on the cause of the crash.

Oregon’s Modified Comparative Negligence Law in a Multi-Crash Claim

When there are multiple parties at fault for an accident, Oregon’s modified comparative negligence will apply. This means that if you share a portion of liability for the crash, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of your liability.

For example, if your degree of liability is ten percent and you are awarded $50,000 in compensation, what you receive will be reduced by that ten percent. In this scenario, you would receive, less your degree of fault, $45,000.

If, however, you are assigned more than 50 percent liability for the crash, you will not be able to recover any damages from any of the at-fault parties.

Meanwhile, the at-fault parties are financially responsible for their percentage of fault in the crash. If one party is 20 percent at fault for your damages, that party must pay 20 percent.

Hiring legal representation after a multi-car accident may help to ensure you are not assigned more than your fair share of liability.

Our Portland auto accident attorneys are very familiar with the underhanded methods that insurance companies may use to attempt to deny or devalue your claim, even when it is valid.

Common Types of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Multi-vehicle crashes nearly always result from distracted, aggressive or impaired driving, or some other form of driver negligence. However, there may also be other contributing circumstances, such as bad weather or a tire blowout.

Common types of multi-car crashes include:

  • Rear-end accidents
  • Crashes at intersections
  • Chain-reaction collisions
  • Highway crashes

If you are injured in an accident involving three or more vehicles, we do not recommend trying to pursue compensation on your own. After getting medical care, we strongly encourage you to seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

How an Attorney Gives Your Claim a Fighting Chance

Often, injured victims who hire an attorney recover significantly more compensation than people who try to manage a claim on their own.

If you have a valid case, your attorney will thoroughly investigate your claim, communicate with the insurance companies and other third parties on your behalf, help you to gather evidence to build a strong claim and keep you informed about the status of your case throughout the legal process.

At Rizk Law, we have recovered millions in compensation for injured victims in Oregon, and if you have a case, we are prepared to fight for maximum compensation for you. Contact our firm today to schedule your free consultation. There are no upfront costs, and nothing to pay unless we first win a settlement or verdict for you.

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