Mount Hood Highway Improvements & Construction

Posted on behalf of Rizk Law on Feb 16, 2012 in Auto Accident

In 2009 an independent multi-disciplinary team in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) conducted a Road Safety Audit (RSA) of the Camp Creek Campground to Timberline Highway section on US 26. As a result of that study, ODOT has completed or proposed the following mountain road improvements:

Completed improvements (U.S. 26)

  • Repaving and striping from milepost 44.1 to 49.2
  • A new westbound passing lane & chain removal area
  • A new eastbound chain-on area between milepost 47.6 and 48.8
  • Realignment of Kiwanis Road at milepost 48.7
  • A new guardrail at milepost 47.1
  • New signs warning of Map curve at mile post 49.4
  • Install catchment to keep rocks off roadway near milepost 50
  • Widen highway between Map Curve at Mirror Lake Curve (milepost 51.5)
  • Extend westbound passing lanes at Mirror Lake Curve (milepost 51.6)
  • Install concrete median barrier near milepost 51.6.

These changes were proposed in order to improve visibility at the big curve, reduce accidents caused by fallen rock, reduce cross over collisions and reduce injury to stopped drivers installing and removing chains.

Planned / recent improvements

  1. Cable median barrier installation between milepost 28.4 and 30.3 (just west of the previously installed cable median barrier) to prevent cross-over crashes.
  2. Repave from milepost 49.2 to 57.5. Completion estimated in 2013.
  3. Repave from milepost 57.5 to 71.0. Construction will begin in 2012.

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