Going Commando: Handling the Claim on your own

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Dec 12, 2023 in Personal Injury

You may be wondering “What do injury attorneys really do anyway?” I bet I can resolve this claim on my own. After all, with Artificial Intelligence tools, what do I have to lose? Here is why you should think twice before “going commando” in an attempt to resolve your claim. 

1. Insurance companies know whether you are represented by a lawyer. Without a lawyer’s protection, insurers can, and possibly will, contact you directly. When they do, it is easy to say something harmful to your claim, often without realizing it. Insurance representatives are highly trained at minimizing claims, for example by coaxing harmful statements from injured everyday folks without claims experience. That is why insurers record all claimant communications. Recorded statements are designed to lock in your position, not help it. 

2. Uploading medical records to an AI site, such as Chat GPT will publicize your private medical records and compromise your claim. 

3. Insurance companies design software to detect language commonly used in Chat GPT and other AI generated programs. Insurers use that information to justify a low-ball offer.

4. Claim release language is intentionally vague. As a result, you may be signing away more rights than intended. 

5. The insurance company’s offers are based on medical bills and records provided but do not consider outstanding balances or amounts your health insurance may have paid. By going alone, you risk having to pay those charges out of pocket. 

The time limit to file a lawsuit is known as the Statute of Limitations. Often, a client will call an attorney’s office weeks before this Statute of Limitations expires, only to lament “I wish I hired an attorney earlier.” Hiring the right attorney will protect your medical privacy, your settlement rights, and dissuade the insurance from calling you directly.