Do Hands-Free Devices Actually Cut Down on Distracted Driving?

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Mar 06, 2023 in Auto Accident

One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. Oregon prohibits using a phone while driving because it distracts the driver from concentrating on the road. However, with the creation of innovative technology, many modern cars have a hands-free device built into the vehicle. While engaging in a conversation on the phone while driving is illegal in most states, using hands-free devices is still legal. 

Since hands-free technology is generally new, few studies have been done on the effects of the device on distracted driving. However, some researchers state that there are still significant distractions when communicating on and using hands-free devices while driving

Important Distracted Driving Statistics to Consider

When a family member or friend calls you while driving, it’s hard not to pick up the phone and hold a conversation. However, many studies show the seriousness of distracted driving. Consider the following essential statistics found by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Distracted drivers kill nine people every day in crashes in the United States 
  • In 2019, over 3,100 people were killed, and about 424,000 were injured in distracted driver crashes.
  • Around 1 in 5 people killed in distracted driving accidents were not in vehicles
  • Young adults and teens are more likely to drive while distracted than those over the age of 21
  • 9% of drivers aged 15-20 involved in fatal accidents were distracted at the time of the crash

The epidemic of distracted driving in the United States continues as cell phones become more of a necessity in daily life. Many find it difficult to unplug and disconnect from the device, especially when they rely on their phone to communicate with work, friends, and family. However, it’s essential to remember the dangers that distracted driving presents to ourselves and those around us. 

The Truth About Hands-Free Driving

While many believe that hands-free devices may decrease distracted driving in the United States, others speculate that the issue will continue due to other distractions. The term “hands-free” leads people to believe that the hands are not involved in any aspect of the action. Unfortunately, most vehicles require you to press a button and switch through contacts to call an individual on the hands-free device.

Texting, picking up the phone, and typing in your password all require looking at the phone and using your hands. However, the main distracted component of hands-free devices is another form of distraction besides visual and physical contact. Using a hand-free device still takes your mind away from the process of driving. The cognitive and auditory aspects of speaking on the phone or texting with a hands-free device pose a direct threat to your safety and the safety of others. 

If another driver crashes into you while distracted, you have the right to hold them accountable for their carelessness. The physical, emotional, and financial losses you suffer may place heavy burdens on your shoulders. You deserve to recover monetary compensation and justice for the pain you incur from the accident. 

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