Richard Rizk Designated as a Transportation Ambassador

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Feb 11, 2021 in Firm News

night view of woman on bike PortlandAs one of many Transportation Ambassadors for the city of Portland, Rizk Law founder and senior attorney Richard Rizk recommends an upcoming SmartTrips idea for Adventure Bingo.

The event is timely – happening this Friday and Saturday only – February 12th and 13th – so if you want to have fun while taking the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, read on.

What is Adventure Bingo?

Visit our previous article if you have not yet discovered this COVID-19-safe outdoor activity. We have played a few times and recommend trying it out. You can learn how to enjoy this activity and download your very own SmartTrips Bingo card on the website. Create a unique, new adventure on your own.

The Event – Portland Winter Light Non-Festival 2021

When creating your next winter Adventure Bingo excursion, consider the annual Portland Winter Light “non” Festival happening this Friday and Saturday.

What It Is

The Willamette Light Brigade presents the Portland Winter Light Festival (PDXWLF) annually, and, like every year, it is family-friendly, all-inclusive and completely free for all guests. The purpose is to bring the community together with a combination of art and technology.

Last year, there were over 100 art installations and more than 70 live performances. Guests were introduced to educational programs and amazed by kinetic fire sculptures. More than 200,000 guests attended the 2020 event, made possible because of the PDXWLF team of dedicated organizers and volunteers.

This year, it was trickier to put the event together, especially since Multnomah County is a COVID-19 extreme risk area. This extraordinary challenge meant coming up with a way to make the festival as impressive as in other years, but without placing crowds of people together at a very dangerous time.

How to See It

Rather than driving, this year’s PDXWLF event is spread out. Guests are encouraged to take the opportunity to enjoy the waterfront, art and light displays by bike. You can create your own map, follow Bike Portland’s map or engage with Ride With GPS to enjoy the exhibitions on the Southeast and North/Northeast sections of the city. For those who prefer not to ride, there are also some areas that can be enjoyed on foot.

Plan to Follow COVID-19 Safety Measures

While PDXWLF is sure to add some light and cheer to the winter blues, this year, the city necessarily follows COVID-19 safety guidelines. To ensure we all protect each other from spreading the virus, we are requiring everyone to wear a face mask at all times. Additional protective measures, including social distancing and other recommended protocols, are also required.

How You Can Make PDXWLF an Adventure Bingo Night

Check out the bike route created by Bike Portland or plan your own stops to see the art displays that interest you. Then, create your own Adventure Bingo card, and snap selfies of you – wearing your face mask – with the fabulous lights, art installations and video projections on display for you to enjoy.

If you share your photos on social media, be sure to use to tag @PBOTinfo and include hashtags #smarttripspdx and #pdxadventure. Not sure what to add to your caption?

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Tell your followers about the “Choose Your Own Adventure” square
  • Describe your adventure – did you walk? Bike?
  • Is this your first experience with Adventure Bingo? If so, did you enjoy it?
  • Create crazy captions for each art exhibition

How You Can Volunteer

If you are more of a “behind the scenes” person or just love to help, you can sign-up to volunteer at the Winter Light Festival by completing their online form.

Why Rizk Law Encourages Adventure Bingo

At Rizk Law, we are always looking for great ways to get outside and engage with the community. This event is too good to miss. Adventure Bingo just adds another layer of fun while getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and creating some new memories.