Looking for a COVID-19-Safe Outdoor Activity? Play Adventure Bingo

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Dec 03, 2020 in Firm News

Selfie in front of 15 ped pass PortlandRizk Law founder and senior attorney Richard Rizk also serves as a Transportation Ambassador for the Portland Bureau of Transportation. He has been looking for ways to help Portlanders stay physically and mentally fit in the winter while being socially responsible and following COVID-19 safety precautions.

One activity Rizk is encouraging people to take part in is Adventure Bingo, a fun and lighthearted way to explore the community that encourages exercise.

How to Play Adventure Bingo

Adventure Bingo Card PortlandThe first thing you need to do is download a SmartTrips Bingo card from Portland.gov. Each square on the card contains an activity, such as walking to pick up takeout or taking a walk or ride across one of Portland’s bridges. You can do all the activities on the card or complete five squares in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to complete Bingo.

There is also a “Choose your own adventure” square that allows you to do something completely unique. The Adventure Bingo site has ideas for a unique adventure, such as creating a scavenger hunt or creating a map of your neighborhood.

Be sure to email your completed card or a list of the adventures you had to smarttrips@portlandoregon.gov. You can also email pictures for your adventures and explain more about what you did, including what you learned and what was your favorite thing to do.  

Once you submit a completed card, you will receive an adventure pack that includes a pocket map of the city, surprise safety gear item and customizable retro-reflective stickers to make you more visible when walking at night.

Get Others to Join in the Fun

Woman on Bike PortlandWhile you can create and complete an Adventure Bingo card on your own, it is more fun if you can get others to join in and send you photos of their own experiences. You can also make a Bingo card for a group to complete together while apart.

Enjoy scavenger hunts, evening walks, weekend bike rides and more, and then email friends, co-workers or family members to participate.

Remember to Stay Safe

footprints in sand at Lincoln CityWhile Oregon authorities continues to take precautions to help contain the virus, we also need to take care of ourselves. Engaging in social activities, even if they must be virtual or done while maintaining a social distance from others, plays an important role in our mental and physical health.

Make sure to continue following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) recommended guidelines for helping to prevent infection or reinfection with the virus, including:

  • Wearing protective face coverings
  • Social distancing
  • Avoiding public places whenever possible
  • Quarantining if you become ill or exposed to an infected person to avoid infecting others
  • Not attending or hosting large gatherings until further notice