Your Voice Matters: Mr. Anthony Bell

Posted on behalf of Rizk Law on Jul 03, 2018 in Consumer Alerts

Accidents Do Happen

BUT things CAN turn around when you have a great team working for you.

Mr. Bell Shares His Story

Mr. Bell was driving a company vehicle during his shift at the Moda Center when a negligent driver crashed into him.  The collision was only moderate in terms of severity, but it was serious enough to cause a herniated disc in Mr. Bell’s low back.  The extruded disc pressed on a nerve root exiting the spine at the point of injury. The result of the nerve injury was a “drop foot” condition that made it impossible for Mr. Bell to lift the front part of his foot.  Lifting the front part of our foot as we walk or run (rather than dragging the toes along the ground) is so natural and automatic that we don’t even think of it unless something like this happens. This is a serious injury.

Mr. Bell’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company denied the herniated claim so Mr. Bell’s only hope was to sue the driver at fault directly.  That is where Rizklaw came into the picture. Mr. Bell found Rizklaw on the internet and was impressed by our website ratings posted by former Rizklaw clients.  At that point Mr. Bell contacted Rizklaw.

Rizklaw does not get all the credit for the successful outcome of Mr. Bell’s case of course.  Mr. Bell’s orthopedic surgeon succeeded in restoring 75% of Mr. Bell’s foot strength. Throughout it all, Mr. Bell’s employer modified Mr. Bell’s job duties, so he could continue his full-time employment until he was fit enough to return to his regular duties.

It takes a team to overcome a serious injury.  In this case, everyone worked together to help resolve Mr. Bell’s situation. This included Rizklaw, Mr. Bell’s surgeon, and his employer. All of which contributed, providing the support needed for a great recovery from his serious injury.

The financial settlement with the bad driver’s insurance company was generous.  Mr. Bell is totally free from debt, is back full-time at a job he loves, and has enough money from his settlement to secure his future.  Rizklaw is pleased to have played a part in the happy ending to Mr. Bell’s case.