Unsafe Parking at Winter Recreation Areas Raising Concerns

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jan 13, 2021 in Auto Accident

Mt Hood Sno-Park signThere is increased concern about parking and safety for snow recreation enthusiasts in Oregon this winter. As designated parking areas fill to capacity, visitors have been parking their vehicles in dangerous areas, including along the roadside.

Rizk Law shares the recent warning posted by Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) to help keep you informed about important updates and to help you stay safe while enjoying the state’s many winter recreational areas.

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ODOT Winter Recreation Warning

According to a KTVZ news article, ODOT spokesman Peter Murphy said this year promises to be more crowded, because many Oregonians and visitors from other states are tired of staying indoors and are looking for activities they can do outside. This raises safety concerns, particularly when driving and trying to find parking.

ODOT has several recommendations for those who plan to take part in outdoor recreational activities this winter:

  • Slow down and drive more carefully in the frigid temperatures and snowy weather
  • Be constantly alert for people who may be hard to see on or next to roadways
  • Be mindful and watch for snow removal equipment. Vehicles parked on roadsides prevent plows from being able to keep roadways clear
  • Find a safe and legally designated place to park
  • Prepare for longer travel times, especially with more visitors traveling

Traffic to Mt Hood via U.S. 26, as well as OR 35, and OR 372 traveling towards Mount Bachelor is likely to be more congested. Visitors should expect more traffic and plan their visit accordingly. It is important to note that many Sno-Park sites are filling up as early as 8:00 a.m. ODOT recommends visiting a list of all available sites on TripCheck.com.

Violators Should Expect a Ticket and a Tow

ODOT warns that violators of ORS 811.590 – those who park in a non-designated area or who do not display a winter recreation parking permit – should expect to get towed and receive a ticket.

There are over 100 Sno-Park designated parking areas for Oregon’s winter recreational areas, and you can buy your permit for these sites online. Sno-Park permits may be moved from one car to another and may also be interchangeably used in California and Idaho.

Illegal parking areas include:

  • Along the highway or other roadside areas
  • Areas that block legally-parked vehicles, emergency vehicles or snow-plow equipment
  • All other areas not designated for parking

Those who ignore this law endanger others, prevent workers from being able to keep the road clear, and block ambulances or other first responder vehicles that need to get through to provide emergency services.

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