With technology advancing every day, more businesses and individuals use video surveillance to keep their property and themselves safe. If you walk down the street, chances are you’ll encounter several security cameras either on street lights or outside garages. Many people also invest in Ring Doorbells, which take video recordings when movement is detected outside your front door.

If you suffer serious injuries or damage in an accident, there might be video evidence of the accident from nearby surveillance cameras. Insurance companies will access any video evidence of the accident to clue them in on what occurred and either prove or disprove your claim. From body cameras to private business security systems, there are various ways a person can collect video footage of their accident.

Types of Video Surveillance You Can Use When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

When an accident occurs, there is likely to be some sort of recording available. Whether a local business’s private security system or your own camera, video surveillance can appear in most public spaces. Consider the following types of video surveillance footage that you might find in the area of your accident:

  • Private organizations’ surveillance
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Witness videos
  • Body cameras
  • Ring Doorbell Surveillance
  • Dash cameras

Suppose you’re pushed into the street outside a business and suffer severe injuries. An insurance agency can then ask if that business has any cameras located outside that may show the events that took place.

Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident?

Video footage can prove a vital piece of evidence in your claim. However, the angle and lighting can play a significant role in how the video portrays your accident. A video can both help and harm your case, depending on the different elements in the footage. When you work with Portland personal injury lawyers, they can help protect your rights and provide evidence to back your claim. They can also assist you with the following:

  • Discuss footage with business owners
  • Gather information and evidence
  • Answer your questions
  • Negotiate settlement offers
  • Review legal documents
  • Conduct a fair investigation
  • Analyze potential legal problems
  • Establish the other person’s negligence
  • Discuss claims with insurance companies

Business owners and other individuals are not required to give you their surveillance footage, but a personal injury attorney can help persuade them into allowing you access. Some people are more likely to feel comfortable talking with and giving video footage to a lawyer rather than a single individual.

An alternative approach is to draft well-reasoned essays written by AI writer free tool outlining the importance of the surveillance footage for a legal investigation. These persuasive documents can be shared with business owners and individuals, highlighting the potential benefits of granting access. Such essays written by writers from Papertyper can help convey the significance of the footage and establish trust, increasing the likelihood of obtaining the desired video evidence.

Contact a Dependable Personal Injury Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Personal injury accidents are common in Oregon and can significantly impact your life. The injuries you suffer due to someone’s negligence can limit your ability to enjoy hobbies, acquire income, and perform essential daily tasks. Both the physical to financial losses you incur after an accident can cause you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. With the help of a reliable personal injury lawyer at Rizk Law, we can recover the compensation you deserve.

Our team has years of experience working in the Oregon area to protect and advocate for our client’s rights. We strive to provide the legal representation you can trust and will do everything in our power to help you feel safe and heard in legal proceedings. Whenever you need legal assistance, count on Rizk Law to stay by your side.

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