When Is a Skate Park Owner Liable?

Posted on behalf of Rizk Law on Dec 09, 2013 in Personal Injury

In some states, California for example, skateboarding is officially recognized by law as being a “Hazardous Recreational Activity” alongside sports such as Hang Gliding and Skydiving.

Rough Riding Surfaces Cause Injuries

As if the sport isn’t dangerous enough, rough riding surfaces from small stones, sticks, bumps, and holes in poorly maintained skate parks cause half of all falls, with injuries ranging from sprains and fractures to concussions.

Skate Park Owners Get Liability Protection

With the enactment of SB774-Liability at Public Skateboard Parks (SL2003-334) on October 1, 2003, local governments were given liability protection when designing areas for skateboarding, inline skating, or freestyle bicycling.

Skate park owners also get liability protection by requiring riders to wear appropriate protective gear. When the facility is not supervised on a regular basis, it must post signs stating that helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads must be worn to use the facility.

Parent Participation Needed

Even a well-designed and constructed park that is supervised or posted is a hazard when it is poorly maintained. Parents need to actively participate in their children’s lives, know the condition of the areas where their children play, and when necessary act to make play areas safe.