Your Portland car accident was unexpected. You still may not be aware of all injuries and damages. And, since the traffic collision was unexpected, you have no plan. You don’t know what to do. Oregon Law requires that persons involved in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Stop in a safe area near the accident
  • Help the injured
  • Reveal your : Name; Address; Driver’s License Nos.; Insurer Info

Aside from Oregon law, here are some helpful tips:
If possible:

  1. Take pictures of the crash site;
  2. Get witness info (names and phone numbers)

On the other hand, Don’t:

  1. Leave the scene of an accident injury crash until after police say you can leave. Only leave the scene of a non- injury accident after exchanging information indicated above;
  2. Move anyone injured: Doing so could cause further injury, especially where spinal injury occurred. Only move a person who is clearly in harm’s way;
  3. Be chatty: Even if it is your fault, it is very difficult to assess blame while traumatized by impact. Anything you say could be misheard, misinterpreted and used against you later in a lawsuit;
  4. Get Angry: Instead, be calm. Answer police officers directly and respectfully. Remember your actions at the crash site may later be an issue, should the car accident be litigated; or
  5. Offer to pay anyone anything: Instead, as soon as you can, call your insurer. Report the claim and get a claim number.

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