What Causes Bus Accidents in Oregon?

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on May 17, 2023 in Auto Accident

Busses are a reliable and cost-effective travel method, and many Oregonians rely on buses daily. Unfortunately, bus accidents can be severe and often cause victims to suffer severe, life-altering injuries. To make matters worse, many bus accidents are avoidable and are typically caused by negligence by bus drivers, companies, and manufacturers. If you have been injured in an Oregon bus accident, you deserve an attorney on your side as you fight for justice for your injuries and other losses. 

Rizk Law’s seasoned attorneys have an established history of protecting bus accident victims’ rights in Oregon and are ready to apply their knowledge and skills to your unique case. We understand how challenging recovering from severe injuries can be and can fight on your behalf to pursue the maximum compensation available for your losses. Our senior attorney, Richard Rizk, has worked as an insurance lawyer and serves as a transportation ambassador for the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Attorney Rizk is ready to apply his diverse skill set to fight for your rights, interests, and the total value of your claim. 

Top 4 Causes of Oregon Bus Accidents

Although no two bus accidents are exactly alike, many are caused by similar instances of negligence. Four common causes of bus accidents in Oregon include the following:

Bus Driver Negligence

Unfortunately, bus drivers often engage in careless or reckless behaviors that can cause deadly accidents. The following examples of bus driver negligence are among the most common causes of bus accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Failing to abide by traffic laws
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Bus drivers owe their passengers and others on the road a duty of care to act reasonably and responsibly while behind the wheel. If a driver breached this duty and caused your accident, you may have grounds to hold them accountable through a bus accident claim

Other Driver Negligence

Even when bus drivers perform their duties perfectly, they cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road. If another motorist behaved negligently by texting while driving or speeding through an intersection, they may be at fault for the accident and your subsequent injuries. 

Bus Company Negligence

Sometimes, negligent business practices can lead to devastating bus collisions. Depending on your case’s circumstances, the bus company may also bear fault for a bus driver’s negligence. A few examples of bus company negligence include the following:

  • Over-scheduling bus drivers
  • Failing to perform proper background or work history checks on employees
  • Failing to perform regular bus maintenance
  • Inadequate driver training practices
  • Failing to address bus driver negligence and substance abuse

When you retain the services of a skilled bus accident lawyer, they will thoroughly investigate your case to determine the cause of your accident and who may be at fault. 

Manufacturer Negligence

Buses are complex machines made up of several intricate parts. When any of these parts fail or do not work as intended, there can be severe consequences for drivers, passengers, and others on the road. If faulty or malfunctioning bus parts caused your accident, the manufacturer may be at fault for your injuries. 

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