Watch Out for Drunk Drivers

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on May 02, 2018 in Auto Accident

Despite strict laws against drunk driving, statistics indicate that more than 14,000 people were arrested in Oregon and more than 23,000 were arrested in Washington State for driving under the influence in 2016. Many, many more intoxicated drivers escape detection without an arrest, which means there are even more drunk drivers on the road than those statistics reflect. When you are driving in the Portland area, you should always be aware of the warning signs and high-risk periods for drunk drivers.

Memorial Day Means an Increase in Impaired Driving

Many people celebrate holidays like Memorial Day with celebrations involving alcoholic beverages. Holidays are some of the most dangerous times to be on the road as a result. Even though police usually ramp up DUI enforcement, drunk drivers still cause more accidents and injuries over Memorial Day weekend than a regular weekend. Although most drunk driving occurs in the evening, especially when the bars close, Memorial Day weekend frequently involves barbecues or parties with people drinking during the day as well. With Memorial Day just around the corner, remember to take a few extra precautions to keep you and your family safe.

Steer Clear of Drunk Driving

Watch out for anyone driving erratically. Alcohol impairment affects drivers in many different ways. Some drunk drivers become overly cautious, which can mean driving too slowly, braking erratically, or hesitating at the wrong time. Others become emboldened by an impaired sense of judgment and take dangerous risks by speeding, racing, and tailgating. Other drunk drivers are simply unable to focus on the road and may weave in and out of their lane, make wrong-way turns, or drift into oncoming traffic. Some drunk drivers don’t observe stop signs or red lights and run through intersections, potentially colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians. Be wary when approaching or crossing an intersection of drivers who may not stop.

If you see someone driving erratically, stay far away—and preferably behind them, where you can see them. If you pass a drunk driver, you have a dangerous driver behind you, where you can’t see and avoid them if necessary. Pull over and call 911 to report an erratic driver. Even if the driver is not intoxicated, the driver may be distracted or fatigued, and poses an accident risk to everyone on the road.

If you yourself celebrate Memorial Day with a few alcoholic beverages, designate a driver or grab an Uber or a Lyft. Drunk driving accidents cause severe injuries and fatalities, not to mention the costs of a DUI.

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