Police and protesters

Amid ongoing protests in Portland and across the country, crowds continue to protest police brutality against African Americans and demand police reform.

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Protesters Demand Reform Amid Ongoing Police Misconduct

Police officers at the Portland Police Bureau and across the country have discussed the need for change amid scrutiny for the use of excessive force and abuse of power against black Americans. However, in the latest stand against police brutality, it is evident that the thousands of protesters demanding police reform in Portland do not believe any real change has happened.

The May 25th death of George Floyd was the latest in a succession of African American deaths that resulted from the use of excessive force by police. In Minneapolis, the 25-year-old Floyd died after one white officer, accompanied by three other white officers, restrained and knelt on the man’s neck to keep him down despite Floyd’s repeated pleas that he was unable to breathe. Nine minutes later, Floyd was dead. All four of the officers who were at the scene have now been charged in connection with Floyd’s death.

During recent protests, police used tear gas, as well as stun guns and electronic devices that emit ear-piercing sounds to help with crowd control. However, the Citizen Review Committee, a community bureau that oversees the PPB, denounced the Portland Police Bureau’s decision to use such force against the protesters.

Later Friday night, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler stated that Seattle had banned the use of tear gas for the next 30 days, except in “limited circumstances,” and that he would be making a similar announcement soon. Wheeler further promised that officers would now only be able to use the electronic devices to announce new information and not for crowd control.

What Protestors Want to Change

Portland citizens are saying that these protests are primarily to emphasize the value of black lives and demand positive change that protects all African Americans from acts of police brutality. Later Friday night, Mayor Wheeler addressed protesters in Chapman Square, telling them that he wanted to hear from them about their demands for change.

In a news conference on Monday, Mayor Wheeler promised “meaningful and bold reforms.” However, details of those changes have not yet been revealed.

Additionally, Portland Police Chief Jamie Resch stepped down on Monday, June 8, 2020, asking African American police lieutenant Chuck Lowell to accept the role of police chief. Not just a random pick, Chuck Lowell is an 18-year police veteran who was already leading a new Community Services Division.

What to Do If You Have Been Unlawfully Detained by Police

If you have been unlawfully detained by police or have been a victim of police misconduct, we recommend that you contact a trusted Portland civil rights attorney for legal assistance. It is important to understand your legal rights as an American citizen and steps you can take to protect these rights.

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