Understanding Legal Responsibility for Repairing Oregon Sidewalks

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Sep 15, 2022 in Personal Injury

Taking a stroll or bike ride is a pleasant experience, especially in Portland, where you may enjoy the city’s parks, bridges, and bicycle paths. However, inadequately maintained sidewalks may cause significant harm to pedestrians and others who are unaware of cracks, breaks, or other tripping hazards due to deteriorated concrete. The person or entity who is legally responsible for repairing sidewalks is dependent on the Oregon city where you reside. If you own property in Portland, as a landowner, you are responsible for keeping sidewalks bordering your property in secure condition and reasonable repair.

Being harmed due to broken or ill-maintained sidewalks in Oregon may cause significant injuries and other losses. Rizk Law lawyers understand the economic and noneconomic burdens you may face following a sidewalk accident and are here to help fight for the justice you deserve. A property owner or municipality may be held liable for the suffering they have caused due to a lack of duty of care. 

Legal Responsibility for Repairing Oregon Sidewalks 

If you were harmed due to a broken sidewalk, you may seek compensatory damages in the form of a premise liability claim. If a property owner’s or city’s negligence played a part in your accident that caused you severe injuries, you may recover compensation for your losses related to the accident. 

Depending on the location and circumstances of your sidewalk accident, there may be two different parties that may be held accountable for negligent upkeep: 

Landowner Responsibility 

If you are a landowner in Portland and your grounds are bordering the city, you may be responsible for constructing, reconstructing, maintaining, and repairing the sidewalks, curbs, or driveways. If a pedestrian or cyclist gets harmed on your sidewalk, you may be held liable for any damages resulting from the defective condition of any sidewalk due to failure to uphold a duty of care in maintaining a sidewalk, curb, or driveway in safe condition and sound repair. 

City Responsibility 

The city or municipality in which you reside may also be held liable for compensatory damages in the event of unrepaired sidewalk accidents. In Portland, sidewalks and curbs may be maintained by the city in certain areas, except if the sidewalk has been impaired by tree roots. The city engineer is responsible for maintaining maintenance specifications for sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and parking areas.  

Damages Recoverable in a Successful Oregon Premise Liability Claim 

Depending on the individual circumstances of your accident and the extent of the injuries you incurred due to someone else’s negligence and inadequate maintenance of a sidewalk, you may recover economic and noneconomic damages with the guidance of an experienced Rizk Law premise liability lawyer. We help evaluate the value of your claim by assessing medical records and other essential documentation so we may fight for the complete compensation you deserve. 

The following are recoverable damages in an Oregon premise liability claim: 

  • Medical expenses incurred 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Property damages 
  • Scarring, disfigurement, or disability 

You may face extensive medical bills and other economic losses if you suffer a permanent injury. Rizk Law lawyers offer dependable legal representation so you may recover the maximum value of compensation you are owed due to negligence. 

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The injuries sustained in a sidewalk accident may have lasting consequences and impact your day-to-day life. If you have been significantly harmed as a result of a negligent property owner or municipality, you may seek compensatory damages with the help of experienced Rizk Law lawyers. We understand the hardships you may face following an accident caused by negligence and will work tirelessly to obtain the justice you deserve. 

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