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Commuting along SW 185th Avenue can be a harrowing experience whether you are a local resident or an out-of-state driver. The traffic along this route is extremely heavy, especially during peak travel times, and there is often congestion. When you add the many bicycle riders and pedestrians from the area into the mix, there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong.

Rizk Law discusses some of the issues of this road, why many call it a high-crash corridor and how you can help avoid getting injured in an accident while driving on this road.

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Hazards and Delays on SW 185th Avenue

SW 185th Avenue is an important transit route to the region, however TriMet also describes it as a high crash corridor. Car traffic is not just heavy, it is fast and dangerous, and MAX crossings at 185th Avenue and Baseline Road often delay traffic further. In fact, this road is also noted for having some of the most severe and prolonged traffic congestion in the area.

In a 2020 Transportation Investment Measure Survey, responding resident motorists stated that:

  • The curb-tight sidewalks along SW 185th Avenue are not pedestrian friendly and drivers often ignore bike lanes.
  • Delivery drivers complain that with the focus being only on bicycles, traffic safety is being ignored for other commuters.
  • There are too few pedestrian and bicycle crossings.
  • The MAX crossing at 185th and Baseline has a lot of traffic signal errors that worsen existing delays.
  • Cyclists complain that it is dangerous to make left turns from this road.

SW 185th Avenue Collisions in 2020

Last year saw an increase in deadly accidents in Portland, Hillsboro and across the country – despite there being less cars on the road due to the pandemic.

Some serious traffic accidents on Baseline and 185th Avenue last year included:

  • A serious multi-vehicle collision that happened west of 185th Avenue on West Baseline Road, shutting down eastbound lanes for hours
  • A pedestrian, who was struck and killed while crossing 185th Avenue 404 by a southbound car. The approaching traffic had a green light, and the victim was crossing against a “Don’t Walk” signal. Speed and alcohol were not considered to be factors in the incident.

Protecting Yourself on High-Risk Roads

Your responsibility as a driver is to protect yourself, your passengers and others on the road. However, what does that mean in terms of how you drive?

Remembering that you have a legal duty of care while behind the wheel and driving defensively are two important ways that you can help to avoid either causing or being involved in an accident. Other essential tips for defensive driving include:

  • Remembering your responsibility to others
  • Allowing more time for travel
  • Avoiding peak traffic hours
  • Wearing your seat belt at all times
  • Avoiding driving at night and in bad weather
  • Limiting the number of passengers
  • Following traffic laws
  • Using your turn signals to warn other drivers when you turn or change lanes
  • Never driving distracted  or impaired
  • Maintaining services and repairs on your vehicle
  • Staying alert on the road for hazardous drivers or situations

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