Dear Oregon Bar Members:

I stand with other Oregon House of Delegate members to proudly report that on November 2, 2012 the Oregon State Bar House of Delegates unanimously called for Oregon lawyers to support adequate funding of legal aid services.

Recently, you received a letter from former Oregon State Bar presidents urging your financial support of The Lawyers’ Campaign for Equal Justice. That letter contains an envelope for use for your donation to The Lawyers’ Campaign for Equal Justice, which helps fund legal aid in Oregon.

If you have set the letter aside, please take a moment to now make your donation. You may also support legal aid by directly contacting The Lawyers’ Campaign for Equal Justice at (503) 295-8442 or by visiting their website .

Funding legal aid is more important now than ever for two reasons:

#1: Oregon poverty is at historic levels; and,
#2: Oregon has cut legal aid funding by 25% and legal aid staffing by 20%.

Please join me in making a financial contribution to The Lawyers’ Campaign for Equal Justice today.

And, thank you!

Richard Rizk
Oregon State Bar Delegate for Portland (Region 5)

Author: Rizk Law

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