Everything happens extremely fast after a car accident. From the collision itself to gathering the other person’s information, the speedy nature of a collision can come as quite a shock to many individuals. While there are many things to consider after an accident, contacting the police is one of the first steps you need to take. This will allow them to create a traffic report and fulfill Oregon’s requirements in place of severe accidents.

A traffic report is an excellent form of evidence in a motor vehicle accident claim. Not only can a report state an officer’s opinion of who is at fault, but it can also give another individual’s view of the scene. The officer is trained to analyze and investigate the scene of a traffic accident to give their honest opinion and evidence of why one individual may be responsible for the accident.

How to Get a Traffic Report in Portland, Oregon

Whenever you purchase something important, you receive a receipt as a transaction record. Collecting a receipt of the purchase can prove that you did complete the transaction and dismiss any authenticity questions. Saving a copy of your traffic report uses this same concept. Instead of a receipt showing what you bought, a traffic report states details about your collision that can help you with your claim.

The report carries crucial information that can assist your attorney with gathering evidence and essential documents. You may be able to receive a copy from your insurance; otherwise, you can request a copy by mail from the Portland Police Records Division. The first five pages cost a $10.00 fee, and each additional page costs $2.00. There’s often a 21-day period before you receive it through the mail, so planning and requesting your report early can prove beneficial.

Another type of report is the Traffic Crash Exchange Report that you may receive at the accident scene. If you receive this type of report, it will be the only written report of the accident, so keeping it safe and making a copy is essential. Both reports contain the officer’s name, the case number, information on the drivers, and a brief description of the accident scene.

How an Accident Report Help Your Portland Accident Claim

There is no requirement for you to file a police report, but not contacting law enforcement can hurt your credibility during your claim. Having an accident report can have many benefits and contacting the police can save you time and money. The following are a few examples of how an accident report can help your claim:

  • Descriptions and locations of each vehicle’s damage
  • Drivers, passengers, and witnesses statements
  • Witness names and information
  • Issued traffic citations
  • Alcohol levels of the drivers
  • Officer’s opinion of the accident’s cause and fault

Even in minor accidents, the injuries and damages you sustain can be severe. A report notes the seriousness of the injuries and damages, so you can use the information to receive the compensation necessary to recover from the harm you incur in the accident.

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