Rizklaw Zero

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jun 12, 2013 in Firm News

Rizklaw is located at 0434 SW Iowa Street. Why the zero?

Zero is number of dollars Richard Rizk charges for initial phone and in-person consultations (up to 20 minutes). Zero is Richard Rizk’s attorney fee if he is unable to win or settle your case. Zero is amount Richard Rizk requests upon signing a contingency fee agreement. And, zero to 1.5 minutes is driving time from Rizklaw from these locations:

  1. Willamette Park;
  2. Macadam’s Bar & Grill;
  3. Starbucks:
  4. Quiznos;
  5. Subway;
  6. Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grill;
  7. Wells Fargo;
  8. Thai PK;
  9. Bakehouse Water Bagels;
  10. Corbett Fish House;
  11. JoLa Coffee;
  12. Oregon Special Olympics;
  13. Easter Seals Oregon;
  14. Law Office of Tim Nay (elder law);
  15. Law Office of Geoff Bernhardt (elder law); &
  16. Willamette Sailing Club;

Rizklaw located one block west of S.W. Macadam Ave. and S.W. Iowa Street at S.W. Virginia in the John’s Landing neighborhood of South Portland. Look for the large Rizklaw sign. Zero is the amount you will have to pay for parking.

Contact Info:

Rizklaw 0434 SW Iowa Street Portland, OR 97239 (503) 245-5677 / fax: (503) 427-1919

rich@rizklaw.com: Richard Rizk, Attorney
jerry@rizklaw.com: Jerry Larkin, Attorney working under direction of Richard Rizk
kris@rizklaw.com : Kris Wood, Legal Assistant to Richard Rizk and Jerry Larkin
rosie@rizklaw.com: Rosie Key, Paralegal to Richard Rizk