As Portland continues to grow, the city plans and constructs solutions to maintain the city’s economic vitality and character.  The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is a community partner that helps build and manage safe transportation systems for residents and visitors. Having accessible mobility to explore and travel throughout the city is fundamental to Portland’s culture.

Our team at Rizk Law is passionate about creating a welcoming and safe environment within the community. Attorney Richard Rizk and Paralegal Jill Rizk worked with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) as Transportation Ambassadors to promote alternative transportation. The two helped paint street murals of Portland City e-bikes to showcase the community’s dedication to alternative transportation.

Rizk Law understands how important accessible travel is to the well-being of a community. With more options available, we can make sure that everyone has the ability to enjoy the Portland area.

Types of Alternative Transportation Options in Portland, Oregon

One of the main reasons so many people visit and move into the area is the various travel options. Not only can alternative transportation help cut the costs of a car, but it is also environmentally friendly and encourages social activity. The following are a few examples of alternative transportation options that are popular in Portland:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Electric bikes
  • Electric scooters
  • Public transportation
  • Carpooling

Using any of the above options can save you money and encourage incorporating different ways of travel within your life. When you have more options for transportation, you can find new routes and experience new sites.

Why Are Alternative Transportation Options Beneficial to Portland’s Community?

Using alternative forms of transportation is excellent for both the individual person and the community. When people decide to walk or bike to their destination, the exercise can offer tremendous health benefits. Public transportation provides an economic benefit to the community and gives an affordable option to those unable to purchase a vehicle.

Some other forms like carpooling or electric motor vehicles are environmentally friendly and minimize the number of vehicles on the road. Fewer vehicles on the road reduces the risk of suffering a severe car accident.  There are plenty of ways alternative transportation benefits the Portland community.

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Portland is Oregon’s largest urban area, and protecting the natural environment and way of life takes creative planning and a balance between motor vehicles and other forms of transportation. Rizk Law lawyers have experience working with individuals all over the community, and our main goal is to make sure Portland is a safe environment for all.

Alternative forms of transportation limit the use of cars and reduce the likelihood of car accidents. However, if you are in a car accident or experience some sort of accident while on an alternative form of transportation, call our team as soon as possible. Our car accident lawyers can help you recover the losses you sustain in an accident.

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