Recommending Richard Rizk

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Nov 05, 2008 in Firm News

To say that by having Richard Rizk adjudicate an insurance claim was a serendipitous event is an understatement. My wife, a registered nurse, was seriously injured. Three attorneys, upon separate accounts over several years, failed to achieve monetary compensation. One attorney, who knows Richard from law school, recommended his firm.

What three attorneys could not accomplish over a decade, Richard was able to establish a satisfactory settlement from a large insurance company within a year’s time. At no time did we ever encounter pressure from Richard. He knew that my wife had a legitimate claim and had been wronged. Knowing this, he accepted the case upon consignment; the other lawyers required standard fees. He will not prolong a case for monetary reasons.

Usually as one hears the word lawyer, many pejorative words and images enter into thought and conversation. Richard Rizk has surely negated all ill thinking and we have nothing but honorific praise for this very well established attorney. He is a client’s hope — an honest, non-greedy, and very warm personable lawyer. He definitely knows the methods of powerful insurance firms and how to untie the knots they use to bind claims for no action. We would turn to him for legal advice when and if needed, and will strongly recommend him to others in need of such legal counsel.

Ronald Arturi
Professor of the Humanities

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