Predicting Car Accidents & Crime

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Feb 04, 2013 in Auto Accident

It’s the stuff of a sci-fi thriller. Stop crime before it happens where it will occur. Sound far- fetched? And, no Superman is not involved…just some ingenuity from the Clark County Sherriff’s Office.

Pondering police statistics on crime and car accidents, Brian Salsig of the Clark County Sherriff’s office arrived at an epiphany. Might there be a link between where and when car accidents occur and where and when crime happens? If so, could it be possible to predict where and when car crashes will occur? The stunning answer is yes.

Over-laying crime and auto accident graphs, Clark County Sherriff’s office noticed an eerie trend—auto crashes happen where crime occurs and visa a versa. Using this information, police know where to step- up patrols and where to ease off. Now police statisticians turn their attention to the larger question… Why the link? Crime breakers and bad drivers beware. Officers are closing in on the mystery.