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Sue Bartlett, a software engineer who moved to Oregon in the 1980’s was just 66 years old when she succumbed to her injuries after being struck head-on in a traffic accident on August 30, 2019.

With interests that ranged from skiing and hiking to singing and traveling, she had recently discovered yet another new passion in motorized scooters. While out riding – fully outfitted in both a helmet and reflective gear – Bartlett was hit by an SUV making a left-hand turn in Multnomah County. She has become the 37th traffic death in Portland this year. The accident is still currently under investigation.

Sadly, in spite of all the efforts of Vision Zero to eliminate all serious injuries and fatalities by 2025, there have been a dozen other traffic deaths in 2019 since Bartlett’s. A total of 48 people have died in Portland traffic accidents this year, the highest number of fatalities since 1997.

Chris Warner, Portland’s Bureau of Transportation Director, hopes that this is an anomaly and that the safety projects planned for the beginning in 2020 will make a noticeable difference in these statistics.

Millions Planned For City Safety Improvements

City officials plan on investing millions of revenue received both from the 10-cent tax on gas and development fees into new projects planned to improve traffic safety around the city, including:

  • Installing pedestrian crossing beacons
  • Reducing the number of dangerous left-turns in the city
  • Adding center meridians
  • Increasing the number of protected bike lanes

Warner, who also commutes by motorized scooter, says he purposely rides by known crash sites to help him in his ongoing goal to better understand the existing dangers so the city can continue to implement ways to reduce traffic fatalities for city commuters.

In recent months, Portland has posted lower speed limits on residential streets and certain hazardous roadways known for speeding in a continued effort to help eliminate traffic fatalities.

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