Colliding with any truck can be a dangerous experience but when tow trucks are involved, you run the risk of hitting either the truck or the vehicle it may be transporting at the time of the accident. There are many ways a tow truck accident can unfold, and victims of these accidents typically sustain traumatic injuries. If you have recently struck a tow truck in Portland, you may be suffering from severe injuries to your person and experiencing doubt about your future abilities to provide for yourself and family. Discover how you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, property damage, and more with the help of dedicated tow truck accident attorneys near you.

The size, weight, and shape of tow trucks impacts the severity of these accidents when they do occur. Tow trucks and their drivers are held to strict safety standards considering they haul other vehicles. Many things can go wrong when these standards are not met. Tow truck accidents can take place when:

  • The vehicle being towed disconnects from the truck
  • A regular crash takes place between a tow truck and a passenger vehicle
  • A driver fails to notice the two truck’s brake lights
  • The tow truck itself is not properly inspected or maintained

There are several types of tow trucks that are all larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and can be even more deadly when hauling passenger vehicles. Tow trucks can be flat bed trucks, 18-wheeler or semi-trucks, and wrecker trucks. The most common of these are light-duty wrecker trucks, which can tow vehicles weighing 7,000 pounds or less. Typically, the heavier the truck the more devastating the accident.

How can a Portland Tow Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Several parties may be to blame for your tow truck accident injuries, including the driver of the truck that struck you and the company that hired him. A dedicated personal injury lawyer who handles tow truck accident claims can investigate the accident to determine whether negligence or recklessness played a role in your accident. The truck driver may have been driving negligently or recklessly, or the company may have overlooked important maintenance work on the truck. The towing company may also have exhibited negligence when hiring a driver who was not qualified, or when failing to provide adequate training.

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