Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) urge travelers to “Know before You Go” by monitoring media reports for weather forecasts and keeping up-to-date on road conditions at www.TripCheck.com.

In just one day in December, OSP reported that freezing rain and icy road conditions had contributed to several crashes north of Crater Lake National Park.

On December 20, the driver of a commercial truck traveling on Highway 138 near milepost 15 stopped to put on chains, partially blocking the westbound lane, across from where two eastbound commercial trucks were also chaining up. Another commercial truck pulling two trailers tried to go between the stopped vehicles being chained up. The rear trailer began to slide sideways and crashed into the side of one of the stopped trucks, nearly hitting the driver, who jumped on the stopped truck’s running board.

On the same day, a commercial truck pulling a semi-trailer stopped to chain up on Highway 230 near milepost 15. A westbound Toyota pickup came around a curve and saw the stopped truck and semi-trailer. The pickup driver lost control and crashed into the rear of the stopped semi-trailer.

Later in the day, a third crash occurred near the junction of Highway 62 and Highway 230, when a passenger vehicle traveling eastbound lost control and traveled across the highway, where it went over an embankment. The vehicle came to rest about 50 feet down the embankment against several trees that stopped the vehicle from continuing down into a river.

Oregon State Police (OSP) urges drivers to be extremely cautious while driving in areas with potential challenging weather and road conditions, and to find safe locations to stop when chaining up their vehicle.

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