Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to severe accidents because of their smaller size, lack of safety equipment, and closer proximity to dangerous objects. While a car or truck has a protective metal encasement around the driver, a motorcyclist only has what’s on their body to protect them from harm in an accident. If a negligent driver causes an accident with a motorcycle, they may inflict life-changing harm on the motorcyclist.

With the many ways that a vehicle may cause an accident, motorcyclists must take precautions and heed Oregon’s motorcycle laws to reduce the likelihood of suffering any harm. All motorcyclists should thoroughly understand Oregon’s laws to receive their licenses. However, keeping up-to-date with these laws will also help protect you. Rizk Law lawyers can help with any questions you may have if you have been in a motorcycle accident.

Oregon Motorcycle Laws All Riders Should Know

When riders lack an understanding of Oregon’s motorcycle laws, they place themselves at risk. Even if the other vehicle is responsible for causing an accident, a rider can mitigate the serious injuries they sustain by abiding by the rules and regulations. Below are a few laws Oregon motorcyclists need to know:

  • It is illegal to split the lane with any other vehicle besides one other motorcycle.
  • Riders must not carry or transport an item that stops them from properly holding onto the handlebars.
  • In order to carry a passenger, the motorcycle must have designated footrests and a seat for the passenger.
  • Passengers can only ride behind the rider and must wear a helmet compliant with Oregon’s Department of Transportation.

Riders who take the time to review the regulations and stay up-to-date on new rules may reduce the possibility of a severe accident. However, if a rider abides by the laws and still suffers a life-threatening accident, they may be able to seek legal action and compensation.

Requirements for Oregon Motorcycle Riders

Riders must ensure they wear the proper equipment and have all their documentation before taking their bike for a ride. Oregon’s Department of Transportation has a list of the requirements riders must follow, which include:

  • Riders must have a valid motorcycle-endorsed driver’s license or a valid motorcycle instruction permit.
  • Riders must wear a helmet complaint to the Oregon Department of Transportation’s guidelines.
  • Riders must register and display a valid motorcycle license plate.
  • Riders must have fault insurance.
  • Riders must carry all paperwork with them, including their driver’s license or permit, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

Motorcycle riders who are only on an instruction permit in Oregon are also not allowed to carry passengers or ride at night. They must also have an endorsed adult who is 21 years or older supervising them.

Riders operating a motorcycle without paying heed to any of the above may risk their safety and receive significant fines and penalties for their actions. In order to protect yourself from negligent drivers on the road, make sure to follow the above guidelines.

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