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A driver struck and killed one pedestrian and injured at least five others on Monday afternoon. The spree of seemingly targeted hit-and-run incidents spanned a 15-block area in Southeast Portland. Police arrested the yet-unidentified driver and took him into custody.

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Driver Plows Through Multiple Pedestrians

Witnesses and neighbors who saw the grisly scene unfold in front of them said they saw a man drive an SUV onto sidewalks and residents’ lawns. The driver of the silver Honda Element appeared to purposely target pedestrians along the same 15-block area of the city.

In all, the SUV plowed into one cyclist and five other pedestrians, running multiple red lights as he sped along the street. After clipping a pedestrian on Stark Street and 15th Avenue, the suspect then did a U-turn, smashing into two other pedestrians. After wedging them between a retaining wall and his SUV, the driver then struck an elderly woman on 19th.

Portland Fire & Rescue spokesman Rich Chatman informed the Oregonian/OregonLive that in all, one victim died and five others suffered injuries in this incident.

Eyewitness Accounts

Multiple bystanders and neighbors first contacted the police around 1 p.m. to report a hit-and-run near Laurelhurst Park on 33rd Avenue and Pine Street. Portland police spokesperson, Officer Derek Carmon, said more calls about the same driver began coming in shortly after the first report.

Callers all described the same driver – in a silver Honda Element – striking people and other vehicles along Stark, Pine, Washington and Belmont Streets – from 33rd to 18th avenues.

About the driver’s actions, one witness, 30-year-old Tyler Meyer, said, “I saw two down jackets just explode and feathers go everywhere once he was on top of them.”

Larry Wolfe had planned to meet with the pedestrian who was killed – an elderly woman in her 70s. Instead, as he approached their meeting place on Washington Street and 19th Avenue, he saw the SUV run her down and heard her scream. Wolfe said he walked toward her, but then the SUV returned. After striking her again, the driver did a U-turn and continued to drag the woman with his vehicle.

Driver Arrested

Multiple other residents described the driver’s reckless and willful actions that injured five others that afternoon.

After the driver slammed into a Chevrolet El Camino – with a woman inside of it – the driver got out of his SUV and began running. Meyer saw the driver try to get into the El Camino, throwing potted plants from neighbor’s nearby homes at bystanders who were trying to stop him.

The bystanders and neighbors were finally able to grab and detain the suspect until police arrived.

Meyer said he told the driver, “I think you just killed a lady up the street.” Of the driver’s response, Meyer said, “He laughed and said, “Ah, that’s too bad.”

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