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By Richard Rizk

Dear clients and friends:

Several years ago, I made the decision to create two Rizk Law offices to limit fallout from a disaster like the one we are all experiencing now. The first Rizk Law is our home office at 0434 SW Iowa Street in Portland (our address will change to 434 South Portland Street this May).

The second Rizk Law office is a user-friendly virtual office designed so we can easily access our files, faxes, emails, telephone calls anywhere. About four years ago we transferred to a VOIP telephone system and an online case management system allowing us to access claim and litigation information in real time from our personal mobile devices.

Current prohibitions on gatherings have led to postponements of Oregon trials set through March 27 and we are already seeing May trials postponed. Maybe for this reason, recently we have been able to settle more cases than usual. Rizk Law complies with CDC and state rules and guidelines concerning the novel coronavirus.

Everyone has been cooperating with scheduling changes, but then we often have no other choice. Our nimble phone system and e-sign technology has always made it easy to communicate with our clients and sign new ones, which we have been doing.

On a final note, today was a beautiful day in Portland so I decided to take a walk. I noticed other people.  Some sported huge smiles, others appeared shell shocked. As we all cope with the pandemic, let’s practice good self-care, honor safety protocols and reach out to our friends and neighbors who may need food or to just hear a caring voice.

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