Intense Fog Causes 60-Vehicle Pileup on Interstate 5 Near Eugene

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Nov 04, 2022 in Legal News

Around 8 a.m. on October 19th, a 60-vehicle pileup involving 20 semi-trucks caused two fatalities in an eight-mile radius. Intense fog that morning lowered visibility levels on Interstate 5 near Eugene. Stephanie Bigman, a captain with the Oregon State Police, recalls that many drivers were going too fast considering the weather and that they could not see obstructions in the road caused by other accidents. 

Investigators pieced together that an object blocked the initial path, resulting in a minor fender bender. However, when one Freightliner semi pulled to the right lane to stop the accident, another Freightliner truck crashed into them and started a fire. One of the individuals who lost their life was the second truck driver. As we mourn and send our thoughts to the deceased’s loved ones, we take this time to remind Oregon drivers of safe driving practices in foggy weather. Rizk Law can also help with any questions you may have following a car accident claim due to weather conditions.  

How to Drive In Oregon’s Foggy Weather

As we approach the foggy weather season in Oregon, it’s important to remember some life-saving tips when driving. The following are a few ways you may keep yourself and others safe while driving through the fog:

Leave Space Between Cars

When visibility is low, you’ll want to give yourself space to break if there’s a sudden action. Suppose you’re driving and the other person slams on their breaks. If you leave enough space, you’ll have time to stop before colliding with the other vehicle. Another example of this is if another driver is swerving and acting irresponsibly. Giving yourself space will reduce the likelihood of them hitting your car. 

Avoid Distractions

In potentially dangerous situations, you want to keep your eyes on the road and stay vigilant. If you look away to grab something or change the radio, you may not see the person in front of you stop or something unexpectedly come out onto the road. Foggy weather may conceal objects in the street, and you won’t be able to see them until they’re relatively close to your vehicle.

Don’t Use High Beams

Using high-beam lights in foggy weather often causes a glare, which significantly lowers visibility. The bright lights may also affect other drivers and cause them to crash into your vehicle or other drivers. When driving in foggy weather, it’s essential to use your standard headlights or the lights designed explicitly for foggy weather.

Follow Pavement Markers

Since fog affects your ability to see the surrounding area and road, you may have difficulty staying in your lane. Following the pavement markers will guide you on the road by reflecting off your fog or standard light.

Pull Over When Necessary

If you cannot see anything in front of you or feel anxious about driving, you may need to pull over when it’s safe. However, pulling over in an unsafe area with high traffic volumes will place you in danger and increase the likelihood of suffering from an accident.

Foggy weather is hazardous in Oregon due to all of the twists and turns on the road. After suffering severe injuries from a dangerous weather accident, speak with your lawyer to take legal action against the negligent individual.

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