How Much PIP Car Insurance Do You Need in Oregon?

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Nov 16, 2022 in Insurance Issues

Oregon requires all drivers to have multiple types of auto insurance coverage in case of a serious accident. One of the forms of mandatory auto insurance is personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. When an individual suffers physical, emotional, and financial damage in a motor vehicle accident, PIP insurance covers the costs, no matter who is at fault. 

While each state has different requirements, an Oregon resident must have at least $15,000 in PIP coverage per person injured in an accident. However, the minimum amount is often insufficient to properly cover the losses you may suffer in an accident. Even if you choose a policy with higher limits, the coverage may still not cover the damages you sustain in a severe accident. If you are unsure about your next steps, speak with Rizk Law’s experienced Oregon car accident lawyers today.

How Does PIP Coverage Work in Oregon?

Auto insurance is oftentimes confusing and hard to navigate. An important note to remember is that personal injury protection insurance is for your own losses you may suffer in an accident. There are many damages you can recover with your PIP insurance, including:

Medical Expenses

Medical transportation, treatment costs, and surgical procedures are a few examples of the medical expenses that Oregon PIP insurance will cover after an accident. Whether you require immediate medical assistance or simply seek a doctor’s opinion after an accident, you have the right to use your insurance to cover medical fees. 

Lost Income

Oregon’s PIP insurance covers 70% of wages lost because of car accident injuries, or up to $3,000 a month. While it covers up to a full year of lost wages, PIP coverage won’t start until you’ve missed 14 consecutive days. Keeping track of your pay and how many days you’ve missed is vital for receiving the best possible PIP coverage. 

Other Costs

The extent of the harm you suffer depends on the accident’s severity. Taking into account all the damages you may recover with PIP insurance is essential for your recovery. Consider a few examples of some other costs you may recover with PIP insurance:

  • Child care during hospitalization: If you have a young child that needs supervision and care while you’re recovering in the hospital, PIP insurance covers $25 per day for childcare. You may use this until you return or reach 30 days (equivalent to $750).
  • Household replacement services: In some instances, a person may suffer debilitating injuries that require assistance at the house. If an individual cannot clean or take care of household maintenance, Oregon PIP covers up to $30 per day in replacement services for no more than 52 weeks following the accident.
  • Funeral expenses: When there is a wrongful death from the accident, those pursuing a claim may use up to $5,000 in funeral and burial costs for the deceased.

While PIP insurance offers many the ability to recover from their injuries and damages peacefully, others may require more compensation for the losses they suffer. If your injuries and losses are extensive, speak with your lawyer as soon as possible.

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When you suffer life-threatening injuries in an accident resulting from a negligent driver, you have the right to hold them accountable for their behavior. There is a limit on how much PIP insurance may cover in an accident, but filing a claim with the help of a highly qualified lawyer will offer you the compensation you deserve for your losses. 

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