How an Accident Reconstruction Expert May Help Your Car Accident Claim

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Apr 01, 2022 in Auto Accident

Accident reconstruction experts are dedicated to analyzing the factors that lead to a crash. In a car accident claim, accident reconstruction experts can play a critical role, as they can determine the cause of the accident and who could be at fault for the crash. If you were involved in a severe accident in Oregon, your Portland personal injury attorney might call upon a car accident reconstructionist to support your compensation claim.

What Are Oregon Accident Reconstruction Experts?

Accident reconstruction is a branch of forensics used to determine how and why an accident occurred. Although there is no college degree specifically for accident reconstruction, experts working in this field must be adept in:

  • Car dynamics
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Photogrammetry
  • Physics
  • Computer applications, such as simulation tools

In addition, accident reconstruction experts often have a comprehensive knowledge of accident investigation or law enforcement experience, making them even more credible in the courtroom.

What Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Do in Oregon Car Accident Claims?

To establish a cause and determine fault, accident reconstruction experts have to work in reverse. Usually, they begin by documenting and examining evidence at the scene to draw conclusions about the cause of the crash and how it unfolded. Accident reconstruction experts will typically investigate and analyze evidence such as:

  • The vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident
  • Crash site images
  • Collision reports
  • Deposition transcripts
  • Witness statements
  • Crash test reports
  • Tire marks
  • Published studies
  • Victims’ medical records to determine the consistency of injuries with the available evidence
  • Electronic data recorded by a vehicle’s “black box” (also known as an event data recorder)

Large insurance companies usually have their own teams of reconstruction experts who work to protect the corporation’s bottom line by decreasing payouts and challenging fault in accident claims. Given the substantial financial resources these parties have, it is essential that you have qualified legal representation and convincing expert testimony to protect your claim.

How Can an Oregon Accident Reconstruction Expert Help Your Injury Claim?

Oregon accident reconstruction experts employ a number of sophisticated methods to determine what elements played a part in the cause of an accident.

Some of the methods an accident reconstruction expert may use to help support your Oregon injury claim include:

  • Identifying the errors committed by the at-fault driver that led to the crash
  • Defining how a faulty motor vehicle or part contributed to the accident
  • Assessing hazardous road conditions and their role in the crash
  • Building 3-D models to demonstrate how the accident occurred
  • Creating animated computer simulations to recreate the accident

Reports, testimony, and animations created by accident reconstruction experts are exceptionally valuable in resolving any disputes concerning the cause of an accident. Data collected and showcased by accident reconstruction experts is science-based, often making for compelling evidence that can be trusted in accident claims that proceed to trial.

Hire an Oregon Car Accident Attorney Who Knows What It Takes to Prove Your Claim

When you partner with the Rizk Law car accident attorney, we may recommend retaining an accident reconstruction expert to investigate or testify during your case. These experts are trusted in the courts as they use scientific evidence to support our clients’ claims. We value their expertise, as they can create charts, videos, and other visual aids to help jurors understand what happened.

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