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Horror Stories - Distracted Driving

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Oct 31, 2018 in Auto Accident


Over the past month we have been sharing with you how INSANELY important it is to PAY FULL ATTENTION while driving. That means putting the phone DOWN and not touching it as well as not allowing anything else to distract us either. Whether it be other passengers, food, changing music, podcasts, maps or temperature- we need to get our eyes and mind on the road. When we drive- that’s all we should be doing. 100% attention on driving. This video is horrific but it does show us the high price of our distractions. All it takes in a moment to change or end a life.

So how quickly can it happen...

It's time we make a vow to stop all distracting behaviors while driving. It's a matter of life and death...

While the maximum amount of time a driver can safely divert their attention from the road from is two seconds, it takes a driver five seconds – on average – to send a text message.

It only takes three seconds for a crash to occur after a driver becomes distracted by their cell phone or anything else.

What if you were distracted around this driver...

Maybe you don't think you are really that distracted when you text...

We are all responsible for being fully aware when behind the wheel. This is something even more to consider now that Cannabis is legal in Oregon.

Don't Worry Though...

In our next post we are going to follow up with some ideas that you can implement in order to help you be a safer and less distracted driver. It will be a good article to share with others that you know struggle with distracted driving.

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