Devin M. Kurtz (18) was involved in a car crash that resulted in the deaths of three teens and the injury of two others on Memorial Day. Wednesday, June 2, 2021, marked his first court appearance.

Deputy sheriffs responded to the accident at about 9 p.m. on Monday (May 31) near the Milo McIver State Park on South Springwater Road and Redland Road. Witnesses told deputies the driver of the black sedan, which authorities say was Kurtz, reportedly lost control of the car and began swerving uncontrollably on Springwater. When the sedan crossed over the centerline, it crashed into a white Ford F-350 pickup truck traveling the other direction.

The pickup truck was occupied by five people. Two of the passengers died on impact. The third passenger died after being transported to the hospital. The fourth occupant was admitted to a hospital and no further information about her condition has been released. Court records identified the fifth occupant, the driver of the pickup truck, as Tyler Crites, 27. He did not need medical attention.

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office reported the names and ages of the three fallen victims: Reagan Alves, 14, Zackary Briant, 18, and Jordan Stores, 17.

Kurtz faces three counts of second-degree manslaughter, one count of driving under the influence, and other offenses related to the crash, which occurred in Estacada. Following medical treatment for a punctured lung, Kurtz was booked into the Clackamas County Jail on Tuesday (June 1). The court approved a $250,000 bail bond after he appeared via video on Wednesday before Clackamas County Circuit Judge Ulanda Watkins.

Although this was a tragic event, these deaths happen fairly regularly during long weekends when people have more time to unwind with friends and family, particularly when the weather starts to improve in Portland and nearby areas.

Memorial Day—Why Is It So Dangerous?

Memorial Day weekend is a prime time for accidents for a few reasons. This federal holiday unofficially marks the beginning of summer for people across the country and is a popular holiday for Americans to commence their summer vacations. During these three days, people often enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, visiting the beach, taking a boat ride, or exploring local attractions. The more cars on the road, the greater the chances of an accident. AAA Travel estimated that nearly 37 million Americans would travel 50 miles or more during Memorial Day weekend.

Increasing alcohol consumption is another factor contributing to this rise in deaths. Parties, barbeques, and other events involving alcohol are extremely common at this time. Many partygoers overindulge during their nights out. Although most responsible individuals would use a rideshare service or have a designated driver to avoid driving after drinking, many people falsely assume they’re OK to drive after imbibing.

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