Peter B. Lewis help build Progressive into the multi-billion dollar insurance company it is today. Mr. Lewis was a vocal medical marijuana proponent who understood what means to lose one’s liberty. In 2000, Mr. Lewis was arrested and heavily fined for possessing pot. Meanwhile, on TV and billboard everywhere Flo portrays Progressive as funny cool kids from white wash version of earth.

In recent years Progressive’s Flo has touted its “Snapshot” driving monitor as a progressive way to potentially lower one’s premiums for those who drive well and less. There is a catch, of course. Progressive knows all about your driving.

Auto insurance consumers may not realize that sometimes the interest of one’s own insurer IS ADVERSE to theirs. When, for example, one is hit by an uninsured motorist, one’s own insurance company “stands in the shoes” of the bad driver.

It is simply not in your best interest to provide an adverse party with such broad access to private and potentially harmful information. Ask yourself, is Progressive really progressive or is it motivated some other interest?

Author: Rizk Law

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