Camp Gets Shut Down Due to Attorney Richard Rizk and South Portland Speaking Out

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jul 26, 2018 in Firm News

Yesterday at the Old Spaghetti Factory South Portland business community members, local residents, and property owners met with Portland Police and a representative from the Mayor’s Office.

It has been five weeks since the campers have occupied this area in South Portland. The City admitted they took a hands-off approach and they were apologetic about the loss of business. The police department said that their hands were tied and were subject to lack of resources, possibly from needing more funds from the state legislature.

Neighbors and business owners were adamant that the city should stop any further type of camping and enforce the rule of law, respecting local residents and business owners.

Most of the people present agreed that it’s acceptable to protest peacefully, however, overnight camping is not agreeable. The general consensus is that we are tired of the passive approach the city had taken in this issue. As South Portlanders, we are looking forward to real leadership in our city.

We want our beautiful Portland back!