Quick Bicycle Maintenance that Can Prevent a Crash

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Apr 25, 2019 in Auto Accident

making repairs to a bicycleRiding a bicycle can be dangerous, particularly in heavy traffic and during certain times when drivers are in a rush. For these reasons, riders need to be cautious, obey the rules of the road and take practical steps to keep themselves out of potentially dangerous situations that could lead to a crash.

However, if your bike is not working properly, you may struggle or be unable to maneuver to avoid a hazard or collision, which is why you need to properly maintain your bike. That way your bike is ready to work properly when trouble arises.

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Cleaning Components

To ensure the bike runs smoothly every day, it is important to wipe and clean various parts. The most vital areas of the bicycle to clean include:

  • Handlebars
  • Flywheel
  • Front and back leg assembly
  • Chain guard
  • Brake knob and bolt
  • Pop pins
  • Leveling feet area

An absorbent cloth is usually all you need to clean these areas of any perspiration or other liquids. Cleaning the handle bars helps you with maintaining a good grip while riding.

Wiping the wheel rims to remove dirt can extend the life of the wheels. This is particularly necessary in wet weather. Wiping dirt and grime off the chains can improve performance and ensure the bike runs properly. Spraying degreaser is another important task to remove sediment that gets caked on.

Applying Oil

For bicycles, it is imperative to avoid WD-40 and use a chain oil. The product WD-40 is for doors and other metals that may move – not for bicycles that have pressure and constant movement. This spray will strip the bike chain of all oil and lead to metal-on-metal friction through grinding.

Chain oil is available in local bike shops. This oil needs a few minutes to thoroughly soak in. After that, wipe off the excess so there is a clean and fresh coat of oil.

Tire Pressure

Keeping tires properly inflated is crucial to prevent flat tires or blowouts, which could result in an accident. The proper tire pressure is usually written on the side of the tire. Check the tire pressure on a weekly basis with a gauge and add air as needed. Do not overfill the tires, as this can result in a blowout.

Your tires also have brake pads that require inspection as well. If they are worn near the line or beyond, they may need replacing. This is possible through a local bike shop.

If inspections are not performed periodically, a flat tire is much more likely to occur. You should have a flat tire repair kit available and follow all instructions to avoid further complications that can result in flat tires or loss of control of the bike.

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