Auto Injury Risk Memorial Day Weekend Highest

Posted on behalf of Rizk Law on May 24, 2012 in Auto Accident

A study just released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads suggests that Memorial Day weekend may be the most dangerous holiday weekend of all. Why? David Kelly of who heads the coalition believes travelers at summer’s start are simply extremely anxious to get to where they are going. That assessment is supported by statistics showing that motorist run red lights 27% more on Memorial Day weekend than any other non- holiday weekend.

Coalition statistics strongly suggest that in 2012 most red lights will be ran Friday, May 25, 2012 during afternoon hours. Perhaps surprisingly, the least reds lights will be ran during the evening hours. Motorist will be less rushed this Sunday and statistics from the National Coalition for Safer Roads forecast Sunday as the safest this weekend at America’s intersections.

Other dangerous driving weekends due to blown stop lights are coming soon. The most dangerous weekends (from most dangerous to least) for crossing an intersection, according the National Coalition Study are as follows:

  1. Memorial Day weekend
  2. Independence Day weekend
  3. Labor Day weekend
  4. Halloween
  5. Christmas
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Super bowl weekend.

Washington State was included in the in the 18 states sampled for the study. Oregon was not. So far five state coalitions for safer roads exist. Those states are: Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and Washington. If you are interested in helping start an Oregon Coalition for Safer Roads, contact Portland car accident attorney Richard Rizk at 503.245.5677 or