One cause of the most serious accidents is crossing the double yellow center line. Locals report that motorists traveling eastbound on highway 26 near Brightwood stop in the fast lane and then cross the double yellow center line there to access driveways on the opposite side of Highway 26. These drivers set up a rear end collision and then a head or side crash when crossing the highway. The maneuver is risky but legal. Oregon law allows crossing a double yellow line when a driver is making a left turn onto an alley private drive — assuming a left signal 100 feet before and properly yield to approaching traffic.

Police have themselves wrecked and caused wrecks. For example, on August 1, 2011 at US 26 (milepost 25) a police car making a U-turn was struck by another vehicle. A policeman was injured in the incident. In October 2011 a man crashed his car in the side of a tractor trailer to avoid spike strips set down by, police. In early

Ski team members have also been victims of head on collisions on Mount Hood. For example, in early April 2011 nine members of the Romark Ski Academy of Salt Lake City were injured in a head-on collision on OR 35 near Mount Hood Meadows. Life flight rushed to the scene to transport victims to Hood River and Portland hospitals. Seven of the nine injured were minors. The driver of the ski team vehicle swerved just enough to avoid direct impact. After the collision the ski team vehicle burst into flames. Thanks to a quick reaction , no one died although several were seriously injured.

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