More people have been using electronic bikes as alternative transportation to cars in the last few years. Unlike standard bikes, e-bikes have a battery-operated motor that allows riders to increase their speed with less effort. Not only are e-bikes an environmentally friendly travel option, but they also provide riders with mental and physical benefits. Many Oregon residents enjoy the opportunities e-bikes offer, but like with any motorized vehicle, electronic bikes can come with safety challenges.

Since e-bikes are heavier and allow riders to operate at high speeds, severe injuries can occur in an accident. E-bikes are a more recent form of transportation, and some individuals on the road may not be familiar with the rules and expectations of electronic bikes. While you may follow the rules and take precautions for your safety, other drivers may act recklessly and cause you serious harm. If you are in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

4 Tips to Follow When Using an E-bike in Portland, Oregon

When it comes to traveling for fun, exercise, or commuting to your daily activities, e-bikes are an excellent option. You’ll be able to quickly arrive at your destination while still enjoying the atmosphere of a regular bicycle. However, there are some vital pieces of information you should know so you can ride safely:

Check Your Equipment

The first step you should take before riding your bike is to make sure your equipment is safe. From inflating your tires to checking your battery charge, several little checks can significantly reduce your likelihood of encountering problems on your ride.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Like with any motorized vehicle, e-bike riders have a responsibility to follow the road rules to avoid causing accidents or suffering injuries. Stopping at stop signs and waiting to turn around the corner are examples of rules that e-bikes must follow when they’re riding. If you wouldn’t do it in your car, it’s best not to try it on your bike.

Make Yourself Visible

Bikers are often more vulnerable to accidents due to their body’s exposure to other vehicles and external objects. When riders wear dark clothes, other drivers may find it challenging to see them and cause an accident. By wearing bright clothes or reflective materials, drivers can see you and take caution.

Stay Alert and Slow Down

If you find yourself around or behind someone behaving recklessly, slow down and proceed with caution. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid all risks on the road completely. We can’t control how others drive or follow the rules, but we can control how we react. The more space you give yourself, the more time you have to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

When you’re in an accident that causes you to suffer severe injuries due to another person’s negligent behavior, you have the right to seek compensation for the losses you incur. The transportation costs, hospital fees, and other financial losses you incur can significantly impact your life. A reliable lawyer can help relieve some of your stress and give you the necessary tools for a successful recovery.

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