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A Bridge to Somewhere

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Apr 03, 2012 in Consumer Alerts

For years few ventured to Portland’s South Waterfront. The Willamette River cuts off east access while I-5 isolates the neighborhood from the west. Happily, Portland’s South Waterfront neighborhood will soon link to the Corbett-Lair Hill neighborhood via a 700 foot long pedestrian / Bicycle Bridge spanning I-5 at SW Gibbs Street ( from to S.W. Kelly to S.W. Moody Ave, above). The bridge dubbed the “Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge” is slated to open by late May, 2012.

The Gibbs sky bridge accesses Oregon Heath Science University with downtown Portland via street car, bike or walking path. The OHSU main upper campus is easily accessed from tram bottom, at the OSHU waterfront building near the banks of the Willamette. The bridge cost $6.7 million is constructed as steel box girder bridge type. On the lower waterfront end at S.W. Moody Avenue an elevator large enough for bikes and mobility devices will rise humans above I-5 for the crossing. Outdoor stairs with a wheel grove will help bicyclists navigater bikes there.

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