6 Ways to Safely Drive in Snow and Ice This Winter

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jan 16, 2023 in Auto Accident

The risk of suffering in a motor vehicle accident due to hazardous weather conditions increases as the cold settles into Oregon. With freezing temperatures, slippery road conditions, and low visibility levels, the winter weather presents considerable challenges for motorists. 

Oregon is no stranger to cold and snowy weather. Since it’s never a surprise when the chills come in, many drivers become overconfident and reckless when trying to get from one place to the next. In order to prevent serious collisions and injuries, it’s essential to take safety precautions and follow the rules of the road.

6 Ways to Safely Drive in Snow and Ice This Winter

Research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that winter storms and bad weather contribute to nearly half a million crashes and over 2,000 road fatalities yearly. Whether you’re a long-time Oregon resident or a first-time winter traveler, it’s important to learn or review vital safety tips when preparing for an icy drive.

Consider the following six tips on how to drive in the snow and ice this winter safely:

Install Winter Tires

Before the snow and ice start to settle, preparing your vehicle for the winter may significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering a severe collision. Winter tires will help your vehicle keep traction on slippery roads and ice. 

Lower Your Speed

The higher your speed, the more likely you may suffer life-threatening injuries in an accident. When ice and snow cause the roads to become slippery, drivers at high speeds are at extreme risk of causing harm to themselves and others.

Eyes on the Road

Falling snow will cause visibility levels to decline and make it harder to see other vehicles and objects. Even if you simply glance down at your phone for only a second, that can be enough to miss a pedestrian crossing the road.

Keep Space Between Vehicles

When you leave enough room between the car in front of you and your vehicle, if they suddenly break or if you slide, you won’t be responsible for causing an accident. This also gives you time to slow down instead of slamming on your breaks and possibly causing more issues.

Warm Up Your Vehicle

It’s important to make sure you’re able to properly see out of your car windows and ensure your vehicle is working correctly before getting on the road. When you warm up your vehicle, you’ll give it time to melt any snow and ice from the windows and mechanisms. 

Stay Calm

Winter weather can be frightening and overwhelming for anyone, especially new drivers or those unfamiliar with driving in the winter. It’s crucial you stay calm and keep a level head even in stressful situations.

You’re actively working to prevent severe accidents when you take the time to review and learn how to drive properly in the winter. However, sometimes the fault is not our own and instead is from another person’s carelessness. Speak with your lawyer if another person’s behavior results in you suffering from a dangerous collision.

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