On February 20th, 2022, local police officers attempted life-saving measures on two juveniles after a severe pedestrian accident in Sherwood around 7 p.m. Unfortunately, the two young adults suffered extreme injuries that resulted in their deaths. Throughout Oregon, young adults are among some of the most vulnerable to pedestrian accidents.

Portland residents continue to express concern about the number of teens affected by pedestrian accidents and question how legislation and law enforcement are working to decrease these alarming rates. In order to keep their children safe and prevent fatal accidents, parents must inform their teens of pedestrian safety.

6 Ways to Prevent Teen Pedestrian Accidents in Portland

While it’s impossible to completely avoid pedestrian accidents, taking the time to inform and review some safety tips will significantly reduce the likelihood of your teen suffering from life-threatening injuries. The following are a few tips to prevent these unfortunate events:

Stay On Designated Sidewalks

Young adults often walk to school, sports practice, and to see their friends. In some areas where sidewalks are close to the road, parents need to stress the importance of staying on the designated sidewalks. Accidentally stepping out from those areas may cause them to suffer in a motor vehicle accident.

Observe Your Surroundings

When you’re young, your memory and attention span is reduced. This makes it difficult for teenagers to stay aware of their surroundings, especially when there are other distractions like phones or friends involved. Teaching your teen to stay observant as a pedestrian may reduce their likelihood of encountering a severe accident.

Never Assume a Driver Sees You

If your teenager is walking in the designated area or is crossing the street, they may assume that all drivers are aware of their presence. However, this is not always the case. Distracted or intoxicated drivers may not see you due to their negligence and cause a life-threatening collision.

Limit Nighttime Walks

At night, drivers may have difficulty seeing what they could easily spot during the day. While teen pedestrians may choose to walk home from a friend’s house or prefer to exercise during cooler hours, the dangers of irresponsible drivers outweigh the positives of walking at night.

Wear Bright Colors or Reflectors

If it’s impossible to stop your teen from walking at night, enforcing a reflective vest or wearing bright colors may make it easier for drivers to spot them. While they might fight you on wearing something that seems pointless to them, their safety is more important than looking fashionable. Make sure they understand the dangers and how wearing certain clothing will protect them.

Take Extra Precautions at Intersections

There are specific locations that are known for having fatal pedestrian accidents. Intersections are the most common locations for pedestrian accidents due to the proximity to motor vehicles. When crossing or waiting to cross at an intersection, make sure your teen is staying observant of their surroundings and the vehicles around them.

Teenagers are known to have a hard time listening to their parent’s advice, but sitting them down and discussing the above preventative measures may keep them safe and away from harm as a pedestrian.

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In Portland, Oregon, teenagers are among some of the most common to suffer severe injuries in a pedestrian accident. While preventative measures may significantly reduce the likelihood of a severe accident, there is never a 100% guarantee that they won’t encounter a negligent driver. If your teenager suffers severe injuries in a pedestrian accident, speak with a Rizk Law pedestrian accident lawyer.

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