6 Common Causes of Children’s Injuries in Portland, Oregon

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Aug 20, 2022 in Personal Injury

Children often have a habit of unknowingly getting themselves into dangerous situations. Whether they’re trying to climb a tree or riding their bike with friends, children are often unaware of their surroundings. It’s essential for parents to stay aware of the possible dangers their kids might face. However, not all injuries children sustain result from their actions. Others may also disregard rules and cause our children to suffer severe injuries.

When your child suffers harm because of another person’s recklessness, you have the right to seek justice and hold the responsible individual accountable for their actions. Speak with a dependable Portland personal injury lawyer to learn more about recovering compensation for your child’s injuries.

6 Common Causes of Children’s Injuries in Portland, Oregon

As parents, our children’s safety and well-being is our top priority. While there are thousands of ways our kids may harm themselves, a few stand out from the rest. Consider the following six common causes of children’s injuries in Portland, Oregon:


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that every day the U.S. emergency rooms treat around 8,000 children for fall-related injuries. If a child suffers injuries from a fall due to improper signage, slippery walkways, or other easily preventable measures, someone may be responsible for your child’s injuries.  

Car Accidents

From a young age, children are exposed to the possible dangers of motor vehicles. As passengers of vehicles or even driving themselves, young adults are some of the most vulnerable to serious injuries in the event of a car accident. 

Pedestrian or Bicycle Accident

Whether they’re walking to school or biking around the neighborhood, there are many dangers that they can experience as pedestrians. For example, if your child is safely crossing a crosswalk and a car turns and hits them, you have the right to hold the driver accountable for disregarding the rules and causing injuries to your child.


Drownings occur more often than many would believe. In some instances, drownings happen with an adult present next to a child. Even children who are strong swimmers may find themselves suddenly exhausted and unable to keep themselves up in the water. Making sure that someone is responsible for watching your child in the water is essential when preventing injuries.

Exposure to Hot Objects and Fires

Studies show that children mirror their parents and mimic their parents’ actions. As you move around the kitchen or start a fire, they may feel curious and end up hurting themselves on hot objects. There are also times when malfunctioning products or a careless person may cause your child to suffer severe burns. You may need to seek immediate medical attention depending on the type of burn your child sustains.

Sports and Recreational Accidents

Sports and other recreational activities teach children teamwork, problem-solving skills, motor skills, and other valuable lessons. However, they can lead to injuries if not properly supervised or trained. For example, if your child suffers a head injury because their sports equipment was broken, you may be able to hold someone accountable for your children’s injuries.

You may face expensive medical bills, treatment, and long-term care when your child suffers serious injuries. The financial burdens may force you into a corner, but with dependable legal representation, you can recover the compensation you need to help your child smoothly recover.

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The injuries your child suffers in an accident because of another person’s recklessness may cause severe, life-changing harm. Some injuries may cause long-term debilitations and limit the freedoms and hobbies of your child. Our Rizk Law lawyers understand the hardships and obstacles you face after a severe injury and will do everything in our power to provide you with the justice you deserve. 

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