Being involved in a multi-vehicle accident is frightening and stressful. Whether you’ve previously been in a car accident or this is your first serious collision, most people have little understanding of the legal options available after a multi-vehicle crash. Accident injury claim misconceptions cause people to lose compensation and make it difficult for people to consider holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Inaccurate perceptions cause many to miss out on recovering their losses because they fail to take action or accidentally miss a crucial step in the process. An honest and experienced lawyer will guide you through the complex steps and inform you of any legal challenges you may face.

5 Common Misconceptions in Multi-Vehicle Accident Claims

Navigating through the common misconceptions that plague accident injury claims may feel disorienting without legal knowledge or experience. However, we’ve gathered a collection of common myths you may encounter in a multi-vehicle accident claim:

I Don’t Need to See a Doctor

Looking yourself over and concluding there are no cuts or bruises is not enough evidence to confidently proclaim you suffer no injuries. Without a doctor’s analysis, latent injuries may be hidden underneath the surface and only appear once the damage is severe. After an accident, immediately make an appointment with your primary care physician.

My Insurance Will Handle Everything

Many insurance adjusters will make accident victims believe they can’t recover compensation for their losses or won’t reach a fair outcome if they pursue legal action. However, this causes many to lose out on the compensation they deserve for the losses they suffer in an accident.

I Won’t Be Able to Recover Compensation

The injuries and property damage you suffer in an accident may inflict emotional, physical, and financial damage on you and your family. Treatment costs, prescription medication, and lost income are a few examples of losses you may recover with the right lawyer.

I Must Give a Recorded Statement

After an accident, you may receive a call from your insurance adjuster or another attorney asking for a recorded statement. They may insist that you provide a statement, but you are under no obligation to provide them with that information. It’s in your best interest to not give any written or documented statement without a lawyer present.

I Can’t Afford an Attorney

Most accident victims choose not to pursue legal action because they feel they can’t afford lawyer services. However, there are many different payment options. Our Rizk Law team works on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if and when a settlement is met or the court awards you money by verdict, arbitration award, or mediation.

Before you dismiss your chances, speak with an attorney today. Our Rizk Law lawyers understand that taking the next step to pursue legal action is not always an easy decision. We’re here to help and alleviate your worries.

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