4 School Bus Safety Tips for Drivers in Oregon

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jan 27, 2023 in Auto Accident

The Department of Education found that school bus accidents decrease as school bus training increases. While this is especially true for school bus drivers, the same can be said about everyday motor vehicle drivers. On the road, drivers must watch out for children in areas where they are often present. This includes school zones, playgrounds, and neighborhoods, as well as around school buses and bus stops. 

When drivers disregard the road rules or become impatient, they place children at risk and may cause a child injury accident. In order to protect children and limit accidents surrounding school buses, our team has compiled a list of four safety tips drivers must follow when around a school bus.

4 School Bus Safety Tips for Drivers in Oregon

When we share a road with school buses, it’s up to everyone around the vehicle to take the necessary precautions to ensure the children’s safety.  School buses pick up and drop off their passengers around the time most adults make their way to and from work. 

While you may be rushing to work or a doctor’s appointment, it’s essential that you follow the following tips to prevent child injury accidents:

Keep a Safe Distance

The area within 10 feet of a school bus is the most dangerous for children. Keeping a safe distance away gives you the ability to see the surrounding area clearly, in case a child happens to run around the bus or is in a harder-to-see location. 

Never Pass a Bus From Behind

When a school bus is loading or unloading children, you must stop and wait until the bus begins to move again so you can pass. If you’re on the other side of an undivided road, you must also stop and wait until the bus continues its route before moving. This keeps vehicles in the area from accidentally hitting a child exiting or entering the school bus.

Watch for Yellow or Red Lights

It can be challenging to see when a school bus is slowing down if you’re on the other side of an undivided road, entering from another street, or simply looking forward at the road ahead of you. Each school bus has a stop sign on the side that flashes red or yellow lights to get the attention of passing vehicles. If you see those lights, you must come to a complete stop and wait until the bus begins to move.

Look Out for Children

Children are impulsive, less experienced, and less observant of their surroundings than adults. Adults must take responsibility and precautions to ensure the safety of children on a school bus. Keeping an eye out for stragglers coming off the bus late or a child running to catch the bus is crucial to prevent child injury accidents.

When drivers on the road understand the school bus rules, they work to prevent child injuries from negligence. Unfortunately, some drivers disregard regulations and act inexcusably, causing a child to suffer severe accident injuries. If your child suffers from a negligent driver, speak with a Rizk Law child injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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