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Portland’s last traffic death of 2020 happened on New Year’s Eve along SE 122nd Avenue, one of the most dangerous streets in the city. This pedestrian fatality marked the 18th for 2020, and the 58th traffic death overall for Portland. Yet another preventable tragedy caused by an impaired driver.

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Pedestrian Accidents Along 122nd Ave

In the final pedestrian traffic-related death of 2020, 51-year-old Catherine Randolph was struck and killed by an impaired motorist while attempting to cross Southeast 122nd Avenue in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood.

Investigators determined Randolph was walking outside of the designated crosswalk area when she was struck. However, they also found that the 31-year-old at-fault driver was impaired, and he was subsequently cited for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Why So Many Traffic Incidents in a Pandemic Year?

Dylan Rivera, a Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesperson, spoke to OPB in a recent article to talk about what the city is doing to improve safety for all commuters. Referencing the increased number of traffic incidents despite the pandemic and less traffic on the roads, Rivera said:

“So far, it appears that excessive speed and driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs contributed to the majority of these traffic deaths. This is a really unusual occurrence during a recession.”

Rivera also discussed the increase in speeding, risky behaviors and even urban racing that happened around the country due to the emptier streets.

122nd Avenue in Portland, is just one of several four to five lane streets in the city where multiple traffic incidents occurred and led to serious injuries and fatalities. This past year marked the highest number of traffic deaths in Portland since 1996.

In 2018, the Mid-County Memo reported that pedestrian crashes were 50 percent more likely on 122nd Avenue than other roadways in Portland.

PBOT Plans to Improve Safety

Those who drive, walk or bike along 122nd Avenue are very familiar with its risks, as well as the many traffic injuries and fatalities that have occurred over the years. Four intersections along this route are included as one of Portland’s top ten most dangerous intersections. Citywide, it is one of only 13 streets that has earned the designation as a high crash route for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

In an effort to make 122nd Avenue safer for all commuters, Portland’s Bureau of Transportation is planning improvements. Some of the changes being considered are:

  • Adding additional/enhanced pedestrian crossings
  • Designating protected/enhanced lanes for scooting, skating and biking
  • Making changes to the street cross-section
  • Improving signal changes to both improve overall safety and reduce traffic conflicts
  • Adding more street lighting at existing crossings, as well as Centers
  • Creating a shared transit priority/right turn lane in both directions at Burnside and Powell Boulevards

Most recently, PBOT reported that most of 122nd Avenue does not comply with newer city guidelines for marked spacing in crosswalks.

Improvements for this roadway are still only in the design phase, but the city has received a metro grant that will help to fund three to four pedestrian crossings. An additional $3.3 million in city gas tax, along with other funds, will be used to install new street lighting, two signalized pedestrian crossings and other improvements. None of these projects, however, are slated to begin until 2022 at the earliest.

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