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If you have sustained a personal injury that you believe was due to the actions of another person or as a result of a defective or dangerous product, contact a Hillsboro personal injury lawyer at Rizk Law for a free consultation.

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Our licensed attorneys have recovered more than $15 million in compensation for victims of personal injuries in many situations that were caused by negligence. We have in-depth knowledge of the legal and insurance claims process and are committed to defending your right to fair compensation for damages, from medical expenses to pain and suffering and loss of earning capacity.

If you were injured anywhere in Hillsboro, we may be able to pursue compensation for your damages. Our personal injury lawyers have thorough knowledge of Oregon statutes affecting personal injury cases and how they apply to your specific case. Your case consultation comes at no cost, and if we take your case, we will not bill you for our services unless you are compensated.

Of course, compensation cannot erase the damages you have suffered, but it is the law’s way of attempting to put you back in the state you were in before another’s negligence caused you to get injured.

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Why Do I Need a Hillsboro Personal Injury Attorney?

There is no requirement to hire an attorney for a personal injury case. However, before making a decision on seeking legal help, you should consider the benefits of working with a lawyer.

Importantly – personal injury victims that have legal representation recover more financial compensation compared to those that do not have legal representation.

Additionally, the attorneys at Rizk Law work on contingency. This means you do not pay us at all unless you are paid first. You do not have to worry about how to afford our services.

Another benefit is that we have many years of combined experience recovering fair compensation for a variety of injury cases. We have detailed knowledge of the legal process, what it takes to negotiate fair compensation, determine the fair value of your claim, build a strong case, and file a case before legal deadlines pass.

Our firm’s founder, Richard Rizk used to work for insurance companies. He has experience as an insurance defense lawyer and in that role was authorized to approve large loss claims. He gained valuable insights into how insurance companies think and will apply those insights to help victims of negligence.

Our Hillsboro personal injury lawyers want you to focus on your recovery. You should give yourself the best chance of making the best recovery that is possible. We are prepared to take care of the legal process on your behalf, fighting for your best interests each and every step of the way.

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What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases Do You Represent?

Our Hillsboro personal injury lawyers are prepared to take on a wide variety of cases involving negligence in many situations. This could include:

If you were injured in any of these situations and think you could be entitled to compensation, you can get more information about your situation by meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Hillsboro for a free consultation. We will carefully review your situation to help find out if negligence occurred and how we can investigate to build a strong case.

Our compassionate attorneys know you are hurting and are in a crisis. We have helped many people in similar situations who are in a financial crisis because of their medical expenses and missed time at work.

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Deadline for Taking Legal Action

One of the most important things to understand about a personal injury case is that you have a limited amount of time to pursue compensation.

Many cases are resolved through insurance claims and companies often have deadlines for filing claims. That is why it is usually a good idea to file an insurance claim right away. You just need to explain that you were in an accident and are receiving medical treatment. You may need to provide basic facts about it but avoid giving your opinion or signing anything. You can meet with a lawyer who can explain what is going on and what you can do to protect the value of your claim and your right to receive compensation.

However, sometimes the insurance claims process is unsuccessful. This is often because insurance companies are unwilling to offer fair compensation. They want to make money and they want to avoid paying out fair compensation whenever possible, even if you have a strong case.

Personal Injury Statutes of Limitations

When this happens, it may be necessary to pursue legal action by filing a lawsuit. When this happens, it can greatly benefit you to have an experienced Hillsboro personal injury lawyer at your side. He or she can help ensure your lawsuit is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

The statute is different depending on what type of case you are filing. The general statute of limitations for personal injury cases (car accidents, truck crashes, sip and fall, motorcycle accidents, skiing accidents) is two years from the date of the accident. This means if you do not file these types of lawsuits before the two years are up, you lose the right to do so.

However, medical malpractice cases have a two-year deadline, with a maximum of five years from the date of the treatment or surgery that resulted in your injury.

This five-year exception is for situations when you did not discover your injury right away. So, the two-year clock would begin to run the day you discovered you were a victim of medical malpractice. However, you cannot file a lawsuit more than five years from the date of treatment, no matter when the injury is discovered.

If your loved one was killed because of negligence, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit within three years of the date of the injury that caused death. So, for example, if your loved one suffered an injury but died a few months later, the three-year clock would still begin to run on the date of the injury.

What if you are filing a lawsuit against the government of Oregon? In this situation, you have just 180 days to file a lawsuit.

If you want to file a claim against the City of Hillsboro, you must do so in writing and send it to Risk Management. Your written notice must cover:

  • Names of those involved
  • The events that occurred
  • Where the accident happened
  • When the accident occurred
  • Details about why you are filing a claim

It is a good idea to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Our Hillsboro personal injury lawyers have detailed knowledge of these deadlines and can help ensure your lawsuit is filed before time runs out. You may be thinking that two or three years is a long time, but the truth is this passes much faster than you realize. The longer you wait, the harder it may become to build a case and obtain fair compensation.

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Steps to Take Following an Injury

Contacting a lawyer is just one of many steps you can take after an accident to help build a case and preserve your right to compensation. There are other steps you can take before this that could help make things easier for your attorney and help to document your injuries and the accident that caused them.

For example, you should try to take as many pictures as possible in the moments after the accident. Get pictures of the:

  • Area where the incident took place
  • Hazard that caused your injury
  • Property damage you suffered
  • Property damage that contributed to your accident
  • Identifying information for any motor vehicles involved
  • Injuries you suffered, particularly the visible ones

If you see any witnesses, ask them what they saw and record their comments or just take notes about what they say. Sometimes witnesses have a better vantage point and saw things you were unaware of.

You should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Any delays could make your case more difficult to prove. One of the key elements of a claim is the connection between another party’s actions and your injuries. Waiting to seek treatment makes it look like you are not really hurt or the injuries were a result of something else besides the accident.

If the Hillsboro police come to the scene, answer their questions and ask how to obtain a copy of the police report. This can be a very important piece of evidence. It is an official account of what happened and sometimes officers say who they think is at fault. This is very strong evidence for any personal injury claim.

Make sure to follow all instructions about your treatment, including avoiding activities you are told to avoid, taking medications, getting physical therapy, meeting with doctors, and not working if you are told not to work or you should not work. If you stop treatment or do not do what doctors say, insurance companies and attorneys for the at-fault party will try to assert that you are not hurt and say your claim is worth less than it actually is.

For more information on steps to take after a personal injury, contact a Hillsboro personal injury attorney today for a free, no obligation legal consultation.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The value of your case is based on the value of the damages you suffered. The value of your damages is based on various factors, including the severity of your injuries, the types of injuries you suffered, the amount of time you miss from work, any lost earning capacity, and physical and mental pain and suffering you experienced.

It is difficult to determine the value on your own. This is why many injury victims prefer to work with a Hillsboro personal injury lawyer on their claim. At Rizk Law we know how to determine the value of your personal injury case, including:

Bills for Your Treatment

If your case is successful, you will be compensated for medical bills from your treatment, such as bills for going to the hospital, having surgery, undergoing tests or physical therapy, and being transported to the emergency room in an ambulance. These costs can be extremely high very quickly, particularly with more severe injuries.

Lost Wages

Injury victims often miss work because they cannot physically do their jobs or their doctors recommend they sit out for a certain period of time. However, this can be a financial catastrophe for victims because they lose income they cannot afford to lose.

If this happens, our attorneys can explain how to document all your lost wages to help ensure you receive fair compensation for them. We will explain how to obtain proper documentation from your employer.

If you have long-term injuries, you may not be able to continue earning as much money as you did before. When this happens, your lost earning capacity may be compensable in your injury claim. Our attorneys will weigh several factors to determine what fair compensation would look like, including your age, experience, skills and education.

Pain and Suffering

This is a form of non-economic compensation because there is no defined economic value. The value of your physical and emotional pain and suffering is based on the evidence provided. For example, you could keep a journal documenting how much pain you experience every day and the emotional problems your injuries have caused.

If you lose a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, loss to the estate, and loss of care, comfort, companionship and society from the deceased. The last damage covers the guidance and help provided by your loved that would have continued if he or she did not die.

When you meet with our attorneys we can evaluate your situation to determine all the damages you suffered and a fair value.

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Proving Negligence

Many injury victims do not know the various elements of negligence that must be proven to recover fair compensation for damages. Our personal injury lawyers in Hillsboro have many years of combined experience proving negligence and we understand the kinds of evidence we need.

The four elements of negligence in personal injury cases include:

  • Duty of care – If the at-fault party owed you a duty to act in a reasonable manner, he or she had to avoid doing things that were reckless or negligent, such as obeying traffic laws or maintaining property so it would be safe.
  • Breached duty of care – If the at-fault party did not uphold the duty of care that applied to the situation, he or she breached it.
  • Link to your injuries – One of the most difficult aspects of any personal injury case is showing that there is a direct link between your injuries and the breach of the duty of care for the situation. Your attorney needs to establish that you would have been unharmed if the negligent party had behaved more responsibly.
  • Existence of damages – You do not have a case unless your injuries caused damages, such as medical bills and lost wages. The purpose of a personal injury case is for the victim to pursue compensation that will help put him or her in the position he or she was in prior to the injury.

You can rely on our Hillsboro personal injury lawyers to focus on building a strong case for you. This includes gathering evidence of the four elements of negligence, so you can focus on your medical treatment.

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Contact Rizk Law’s Hillsboro Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Unfortunately, many people do not exercise reasonable caution in a variety of situations and other people pay the price for it. They suffer injuries that require expensive treatment and cause them to miss work and have serious physical and emotional consequences.

This is why the law allows our Hillsboro personal injury attorneys to try to recover compensation for victims of accidents caused by another’s negligence. This could include compensation for the cost of medical expenses, lost wages from missing work, and non-economic compensation like physical pain and suffering.

There is no obligation in scheduling a free consultation. You do not have to take legal action simply because you contacted us. We will explain what we think your case is worth and how we can help, and it is up to you to move forward. You will not have to pay for our services unless you are compensated first.

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