Premises liability is a property owner’s legal responsibility to the well-being and safety of those who enter their property. When poor maintenance, walkway obstructions, or other unsafe conditions cause another person to suffer severe personal injuries, they may hold the property owner or manager accountable for the lack of care. Private and public property owners must warn people on the premises of potentially dangerous conditions or fix them before anyone encounters the issue.

Broken light fixtures, electrical issues, and slippery stains are all problems that a property owner must know about and handle before they cause someone harm. If you sustain debilitating injuries on someone’s property due to negligence, speak with our Rizk Law Hillsboro premises liability attorneys as soon as possible. We have years of experience protecting and advocating for Hillsboro, Oregon clients. The resources and connections we’ve gathered over the years offer support to our clients during the investigation and legal process.

Common Types of Injuries in Premise Liability Claims

Many factors determine the severity of a premise liability injury. The accident’s location, the area of the injury, and how long it took for someone to help you may significantly impact the harm you suffer. Below are a few examples of common types of damages someone may face in a Hillsboro premise liability accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Concussion
  • Fractures and breaks
  • Sprains and strains
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Back injury
  • Loss of limb(s)
  • Disfigurement and scars

If you slip and fall on broken stairs, you may hit your head on surrounding objects, sprain your ankle on the floorboard, and possibly break a bone on your way down. An individual who suffers in a premise liability accident often causes multiple injuries that each need extensive medical treatment. Learn how to recover compensation for your injuries with our Rizk Law Hillsboro premises liability lawyers today.

Duty of Care: What You Need to Know

Duty of care refers to property owners’ legal obligation to keep their visitors safe from harm. Hillsboro property managers and landowners have a high duty of care and must provide a suitable environment for those entering the property.

When it comes to duty of care, those entering the property fall under three separate categories:


An invitee is someone with the owners expressed or implied permission to enter their property. Examples of invitees are building contractors, dog walkers, and delivery workers. Property owners provide invitees with the highest level of care and must protect them on their property.


When an individual has implicit permission to enter the property, like visiting a friend or entering a gas station to use the restroom, they fall under the licensee category. If there are dangerous locations or objects on the premises, the property owner must warn them of the possible dangers. Putting up a sign or providing a verbal warning in front of multiple people is essential.


Trespassers are those not authorized to enter the property owner’s premises. Property owners have no level of duty of care for these individuals unless they are a child. Even when a child is not supposed to be on your property, a property owner may need to handle the damages if they suffer injuries from the accident.

Understanding your position and category before filing a premise liability claim is essential. Every accident is different and requires a thorough understanding of the law. If you are unsure which category you fall under, speak with a lawyer today. They can evaluate and explain your part in a premise liability claim.

What Causes Premise Liability Accidents in Hillsboro, Oregon

While a premise liability accident may occur for various reasons, a few are more common and harmful than others. After an accident on someone else’s property, observe your surroundings and figure out what caused your accident. Consider a few common examples:

  • Slip-and-fall risks
  • Poor maintenance
  • Obstructions
  • Inadequate security

When determining the cause of an accident, it’s vital to understand the property owner’s negligence. In order to have a successful claim process, you’ll need evidence proving the other party is responsible for your injuries. With a Hillsboro premises liability lawyer on your side, you’ll have someone with experience acting on your behalf.

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